7 Cremation Facts you might not know

In this article we have created a list to inform you of facts that you may not know regarding cremation and cremated remains. 

1) Ashes from the cremation aren't really ashes

Once a body has been placed in a retort, the chamber is set to a high temperature that breaks down the body and all its tissues, so that the only things left are bones. This is where the bones will then be put into a grinding machine, to create fine powdery ashes that everyone is used to seeing. 

2) Cremation isn't just for humans

Pets and animals can also be cremated and kept in a cremation urn in your garden or home, or you can even spread their ashes in their favourite location. They have lots of multiple options available with their cremated remains, a lot like we do.

3) Certain Items cannot be cremated

To ensure that no damage is caused to the retort when cremating bodies, objects that were on the body, such as a pacemaker, will need to be removed before continuing with the cremation process. If the pacemaker isn't removed, the batteries in the item could potentially explode and cause unwanted damage that could have been avoided. Some other examples of items that cannot be cremated are listed below:

  • Metal items (excluding titanium joints)
  • Some items of clothing, for example synthetics
  • Radioactive implants from cancer patients
  • Silicone implants

4) Only one body can fit in a cremation chamber at a time

Contrary to peoples' beliefs, it is in fact true that bodies are put into the chamber separately. It is unethical and illegal to cremate more than one body at a time in a single chamber. Although, an exception may be made in certain cases like a mother and baby or twin babies together, but that is only applicable if it is requested on paper by the next of kin. 

5) It is possible to be cremated and have a funeral

Some people seem to not realise that if they opt to having their loved one cremated, that they can still hold a traditional funeral for them. Whether you decide to bury your loved one's ashes, scatter them or keep them in your home, a traditional funeral can still take place. 

Traditional Funeral

6) You can store ashes in a columbarium 

Columbariums are in a cemetery or part of a church. Columbariums are structures that hold cremated remains in urns. This is an area where people who may not have wanted their loved ones buried can visit their loved ones for generations to come.

Columbarium for ashes

7) The cremation process takes between 2-3 hours

The time that it takes to cremate a person depends on the individual's body. With pets there are different time scales too, depending on the size of an animal. It can take roughly between 30 minutes for smaller animals and up to 5 hours for larger pets, for example a horse. 

Remembrance Candles

We hope that this article has informed you of interesting cremation facts.

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