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Article: Cremation Urns Specifically Designed For Cats

cremation urns specially made for cats
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Cremation Urns Specifically Designed For Cats

Suffering the loss of a pet is a painful circumstance, as they become part of the family, we watch them thrive and grow. As they live their lives, they bring so much joy into our own lives that there's no doubt about how our adored pets deserve a dignified and peaceful final resting place. Cremation has become a prevalent choice when caring for pet remains, it allows owners to continue to stay close and pay tribute to a cherished pet. 

Cremation Urns For Your Cat’s Ashes

In memory of our beloved cats, we have created several cremation Pet Urns specifically designed for the cremains of your cat. From feisty felines to purring pussycats we understand that different cat breeds and personalities require different designs, materials and colours to suit the one of a kind spirit of your cat.

We provide a broad range of options allowing you to choose a worthy vessel for your Cat's ashes, such as luxurious metal urns, majestic ceramic urns as well as other materials discussed below. So whether you decide to keep your furry friend close to home or decide to part with the ashes of your cat, our variety of materials provide you with the option to choose.  

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, our Cat cremation urn is a Ceramic Urn which has been elegantly handcrafted. It lays in the position of a sleeping cat and has the capacity of holding up to 85 lbs in body weight. It is a simplistic yet detailed design to suit the likeness of your passed cat, regardless of the breed - whether a British shorthair or a Maine coon, to provide you with the nostalgic presence you’ve been missing.

This particular cat cremation urn is available in a variety of colours and finishes. Whether you're in need of a black glossy or matte Cat Urn to suit your black Bombay cat or a white urn for your Persian cat, these selections create a diverse set of possibilities customised to your furry friend.  

Our Heart Cremation Urn for Cats is a Wooden Urn which features a heart-warming paw print on top, to remember and spread the love of your pet throughout your home. With the option to have the urn oiled for extra protection or varnished to present a lustrous shine, this wooden urn also acts as a Biodegradable Urn. When buried, it will naturally disperse over time along with your cats' ashes releasing your feline back into the earth. 

 Biodegradable Pet Urns 

Biodegradable urns are eco-friendly, making them ideal for water or Earth Burials. Our Oceane Round Biodegradable Water Urn is made up of a natural clay and coated in sand, along with precious Cat prints carved into the outside of the material. This cremation urn has the capacity to hold up to 40 lbs in bodyweight, when released into water the material dissolves, giving your Pet’s Ashes back to nature with the intent for a beautiful and delicate send off.  

Keepsake Urn for Pets 

Pets are treasured throughout the whole family and if you wish to share your cats' ashes, Urns for Angels also offer artistic Keepsake Urns which are produced to hold a small portion of your cats remains. Our Keepsake Urn for Pets comes in a paw print design, as well as a blue velvet presentation box perfect for your dearly departed pet.  

Gone but never forgotten, our cat companions deserve a graceful resting place. We hope this article has helped you on the difficult task of finding the ideal cremation urn. 

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