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Article: Crystalline Keepsake Urns

Crystalline Keepsake Urns

Crystalline Keepsake Urns

Our collection of Crystalline Keepsake Urns has been created to symbolise the high quality and beautiful quartz structure of different crystals and gems.

Made of ceramic material, each of these urns are glazed and created on a potter's wheel at a very high temperature of around 1280^C and then fired in an electric kiln for several hours. The molten glaze then forms into a liquid matrix and the kiln is then cooled to a temperature at which the crystals will start to grow.

Due to the chemical effects and depending on temperatures, each urn is one of a kind and impossible to replicate to be identical. Our Crystalline urns are named after the crystal or gem which most resembles the urn in colour and effect.

In this article, we will be looking at 8 Keepsake urns which have been crafted to hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. Whether you have decided to scatter, bury or share the majority of your loved one's ashes, keepsake urns allow you to keep a small piece of your beloved close. 

Amethyst Ashes Keepsake 

This navy-blue Amethyst Keepsake Urn for ashes, has been created in the shape of a half-moon symbolising fertility. The lid of this urn has an amethyst crystal as a handle, giving this urn its name.

The Amethyst crystal represents purification as well as a connection to divine beings. It projects purple hues to symbolise calming and peaceful energy. The different shades of blue on the urn cause the effect of a sparkling crystal creating a depth in its texture.

Suitable for the body weight of up to 22 lbs, the ceramic material is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

Selenite Ashes Keepsake 

This pale ivory keepsake urn has slight hues of green and is rounded in shape, like the urn discussed previously the handle of this urn is also made of an amethyst crystal.

The Selenite Keepsake Urn gets its name due to its resemblance to the pearly, ivory selenite crystal, which keeps a lengthy history of being a beloved goddess stone, with connections to angelic realms - it is one of the most sacred and pure crystals representing harmony, soul healing and protection.

Although this urn has various patterns, its texture is smooth to the touch and comfortable to hold. This urn has the capacity to hold the body weight of up to 22 lbs, making it ideal as a keepsake or pet urn. 

Hauyne Ashes Keepsake 

Our Hauyne Keepsake Urn is a dark blue urn for ashes designed in a rounded shape and is given its name due to its colour resemblance to the Hauyne gem. This gem symbolises laughter and joy, honouring and reminding you of the happy memories you shared with your beloved.

The pattern on this urn consists of spherical blue shapes with the different shades of colours giving a watercolour effect. The specs of olive green in the design gives it dimension making it eye catching and modern.

The trimmed lid of this urn has a space for a candlelight to pay tribute to the precious contents it holds inside. This urn is suitable as a keepsake or pet urn and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

Aquamarine Ashes Keepsake 

Our Aquamarine Keepsake Urn for ashes has been designed in a round elongated shape and has been named after the Aquamarine crystal.

This crystal represents serenity and tranquillity, it is the first of the spring birthstones symbolising rebirth and transformation. It is also associated with hope, loyalty and truth, qualities worthy of the ashes of your loved one.

Like the urn discussed previously, the lid of this urn adds a stunning final touch which is a trimmed lid to create a space for a candlelight to pay tribute to the precious contents inside.

This urn has the capacity to hold the body weight of up to 115 lbs, making it suitable for a keepsake and pet urn.  

Turquoise Ashes Keepsake 

Our Turquoise Keepsake Urn has also been designed in a round elongated shape, the colour and patterns on this urn symbolise the beautiful turquoise gem.

The Turquoise gem is a profound gem of the ancients. It represents good fortune, wisdom and protection, it was also believed to have strong connections to enduring love, attributes worthy of your loved one’s memory.

The elegant ocean green radiates solace and comfort to its surroundings and the crystal-like structures bring character to this urn. To accommodate the life of your loved one the lid of this urn has also been trimmed to hold a small candlelight.

The capacity of this urn makes it suitable to hold the ashes of a bodyweight up to 17 lbs, perfect as a keepsake or pet urn. 

Urtite Ashes Keepsake  

This Urtite Keepsake Urn, named after the Urtite gem for its similarities in variations of brown and beige shades represents beauty and strength.

The different patterns and shapes on the urn give it a unique element, perfect for the ashes of a special someone. The slightly bronzed lid matching the colour palette of the rest of the urn can also be used to place a candle on top.

The capacity of this keepsake urn is suitable to hold the body weight of up to 28 lbs, making it ideal for a small portion of ashes and pet’s ashes. 

Midnight Blue Ashes Keepsake 

Our Midnight Blue Keepsake Urn has been crafted into a spherical-like shape with circular shapes and different shades of deep and navy blue. Midnight blue is associated with elegance and sophistication and is often connected to royalty, projecting authority and confidence.

The dark shade of this blue can also portray mystery for its resemblance to a quiet moonlit night sky. The lid of this urn comes with a small wave feature, which links to the deep blue oceans of the world.

The dark colour of this urn also allows a bold reflective shine to appear when near a bright light. This urn has the capacity to hold the body weight of up to 21 lbs, ideal as a keepsake or pet urn. 

Iolite Ashes Keepsake

Our Iolite Keepsake Urn has been given its name due to its colour resemblance to the glorious Iolite gem, also known as the Vikings compass and possesses the spirit of dreams, intuition, journey and exploration.

It has a history of being referred to as a guidance stone, aiding people spiritually and physically to move from one place to the next. This representation is perfect for a loved one who’s journey has ended in this world and has begun their path into the unknown.

The lid is ideal for a candlelight like most of our crystalline keepsake urns and has the capacity to hold the bodyweight up to 16 lbs. 

Our crystalline ceramic urns for ashes are available in different sizes such as adult, child, pet and keepsake.

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