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Article: 5 Unique Blue Cremation Urns

5 Unique Blue Cremation Urns

5 Unique Blue Cremation Urns

In this blog post we will be discussing and exploring the variations of blue coloured urns for ashes that we have available from our different material collections.

Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urn for Ashes

The Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urns for Ashes consists of a plain dual coloured model, which features a glossy shine that is noticeable on each urn. Made out of traditional ceramic material and then painted in numerous different colour combinations, this selection provides alternative options to fit the wants of every individual.

The cap of the fuel tank and middle of the body are painted differently to the majority of the urn adding dimension. This tribute is a daily reminder of your loved one and due to the limited design and colour variation, this urn for ashes would fit into any modern or casual home setting.

The Motorcycle Fuel Tank Cremation Urns for Ashes have been professionally handmade after the traditional models of real-life sculpted motorcycle fuel tanks. These urns are made from ceramic material and then carefully painted; the opening is placed at the top of the urn which is at the same place where fuel would be inserted.

Recognised by true motorcycle fans these urns for ashes would be ideal for loved ones who spent their lives participating in the exciting, adventuresome aspects of the biker world. Whether their favourite was a modern Yamaha or an old school Harley, the wide variety of designs and colours we have available allow for a unique make suited for each individual. It is a tribute that provides a nostalgic presence showcasing your angel's personality and hobbies.

Sodalite Cremation Urn For Ashes

This stunning and unique ceramic cremation urn is round in shape, symbolising wholeness and karma. It can relate to the ‘full circle’ that applies in life, meaning what goes around comes around, meaning if you are a good and honest person, good will come back to you. This urn for adults could be meaningful to a loved one who was spiritual and believed in the circle of life.

The shapes created on the ceramic urn for ashes appear like craters on the moon, which are circular patterns with indentations and circular holes. These appear on the moon from when an asteroid or comet has collided with the moon's surface, creating unique patterns. The smaller circular patterns could reflect water droplets dropping through the night sky in comparison to the brown background, which can represent night. The bold and striking bold blue hues that radiate across the urn, represent depth and stability. This could be an urn that can be used to showcase your loved ones confident personality.

These crystalline glaze cremation urns have been hand crafted on a potter’s wheel and fired in an electric kiln at extortionately  high temperatures of around 1280°C for multiple hours. Once a liquid matrix is formed from the molten glaze, the kiln is then cooled down to the temperature at which the crystals will grow, which is usually around 1050 - 1150°C. The crystals take around 3-5 hours to grow.

When the crystals have cooled down, they showcase their final appearance and will not change. The changes of the appearance of the crystals are a result of the specific chemical compositions of the glaze. The crystal formers are Zinc Oxide and Silica which combine to create Zinc Silicate. The shape of the crystals formed on the cremation urn for ashes also differ depending on the various temperatures.

A unique ring must be made for each piece as well as a plate to catch the glaze that slides off, in order to protect the shelves within the kiln. This must then be removed and the bottom is grinded to make it smooth to the touch.

Ultimately, each crystalline piece is delicately handcrafted, creating unique and original designs which are one of a kind and impossible to replicate. As the pieces are created on a pottery wheel, the size and measurements won’t be exact. This ceramic urn has a beautiful final touch as the lid is manually trimmed with a place to set and light a small remembrance candle, the perfect token to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Indoor Tree Urn for Ashes 

These types of funeral urns offer you a unique way to grow your loved one’s ashes into a beautiful and peaceful indoor house plant, which offers an elegant and naturistic final resting place, which is a benefit to those who want an eco-friendly burial, while also being close to their loved one’s in the home.

This cremation urn has been handcrafted using pristine, sleek porcelain. Available in 3 colours of white, blue and beige, so there is a colour suitable to multiple decors. On this inside is a compartment, designed especially for holding your loved one’s ashes safely in place, there is also a growing system inside the urn for ashes that contains interlocking ring trays that help with the planting process.

This shade of blue is close to the shade of mint blue. The colour mint blue symbolises feelings of tranquillity, which also carries hues of green with the mint blue colour, which represents the balancing of emotions. It is also important to note that this cremation urn does not come with a plant or sapling included, which therefore gives you full choice of which plant you would like to grow with your loved one’s ashes. You could plant the ashes with your angel’s favourite plant or flowers to commemorate them.

Memento Biodegradable Water Urn for Ashes

The Memento Urn has been handcrafted using water soluble, recycled, food-grade, non-toxic biodegradable paper making it an ideal biodegradable urn for water burial. It has a boat-like structure to it which is rounded but with points at the front and back of the water burial urn. The eco-friendly urn comes with twenty note cards for the participants of the burial to write their own heart felt messages to their dearly departed loved one. These can then be posted through the slot on the top of the biodegradable urn to accompany your loved one on their final journey.

Some families may also choose to write messages directly onto the paper urn itself. This urn comes in three different colours with water based paint; Orange, White and Blue. This beautifully shaped urn comes with its own discrete carrying case and won the Red Dot Design Award in 2011.

Eagle Cremation Urn for Ashes Range

Our Eagle Cremation urns for ashes are handcrafted to resemble an eagle perched on an American flag. The symbol of the eagle is one of freedom and strength, often being associated with patriotic views making the flag a fitting addition to this piece. This urn for ashes comes in 4 different beautiful colours including Metallic Blue allowing you to choose the most dignifying piece for your loved one and home.

This beautiful ceramic urn stands tall and majestic with an elegantly detailed eagle sitting proudly in the centre of an American flag, emanating an aura of pride and honour, making this a beautiful and thoughtful urn for your loved one. The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.

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