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Article: Financial Assistance for Funeral Expenses

Financial Assistance for Funeral Expenses

Financial Assistance for Funeral Expenses

Following the loss of a loved one, it can be hard to navigate the arrangement of a funeral even without the added stress of the expense. Everyone wants their loved one to have the dignified send off that they deserve, but financial aspects often lead people to believe that this isn't possible.

Fortunately, there are some ways of getting help with funeral costs. We have created this article to make you aware of some of the options you have when it comes to those high figures, so you can say goodbye to your loved one properly.

Funeral Expenses Payment

This funeral support option can help pay for some features of a funeral, including:

  • Burial fees for a certain plot
  • Cremation fees and supporting document fees
  • Travel to the funeral
  • The cost of moving the body within the UK if it's being moved more than 50 miles
  • Death certificates and other documents
  • An additional £1,000 for other funeral expenses such as funeral director fees

The amount you receive will depend on your circumstances and these payments usually don't cover the full costs of a funeral. You usually qualify for the fund if you have any kind of income support, benefit, credit, or allowance. You can check the claim for notes for full details of what the Funeral Expenses Payment covers.

A Memorial Fund

A memorial fund can help family cope with the unexpected expenses of a funeral. It also allows other relatives and friends to make a contribution in order to make a meaningful ceremony for their loved one.

Even the bare minimum costs for a funeral can set you back by a few thousand pounds, with the average costs of burial in the UK being around £5,000 and £1,500 - 3,000 for a cremation. You can read more about the costs of cremations and burials in our 2021 comparison.

For children between the ages of 1-6 and for survivors, research has found that it is especially important and effective for those to express grief after loss in a healthy manner. Therefore, it is important for their future wellbeing that they honour the life of the loved one in a special way.

How do you set up a memorial fund?

There are lots of websites that can help you raise funds for multiple different occasions, for example Go Fund Me and Crowd Funder. It might be helpful to put in the description of your fundraiser what you need the money for exactly, e.g. a coffin, and how you're going to spend it.

Although a lot of the donations might come from relatives and friends, the kindness of strangers can really be overwhelming. Include as much information as possible about the life of your loved one, what a unique person they were, and how important this day is to you and your family. Include lots of photos of them to show what a joyful individual they were so that strangers can feel a connection with your angel.


Sometimes a charitable organisation may be able to help cover the costs of funerals in certain cases. The way that somebody died might be a factor, Leukaemia Care can sometimes pay for a funeral. Alternatively, there are charities which are dedicated to helping cover funeral costs of individuals with certain occupations, such as the Care Workers Charity. Other examples include if it's a child that has passed, where you live, the kind of costs you need help with, the age, nationality, among other things.

What happens if you still can't afford a funeral?

A Public Health Funeral can be arranged by the local council or hospital if there isn't enough money in the estate to pay for it or there are no friends or family available to arrange it. In this case, the funeral will probably be a cremation and although you can attend, you will not be able to pick the time or date.

 There are lots of ways that you can get help to cover the costs of the funeral your loved one deserves. We hope this article has been of use during this difficult time.

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