Purchasing Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery is jewellery specifically created with the cremated ashes or to hold the ashes of your loved one, this allows you and family to keep your beloved close at all times and pays an honourable tribute to their memory. Perhaps you have recently bought a cremation urn but want to keep a part of your loved one with you wherever you go, our self-filling ashes jewellery helps achieve this.

At Urns for Angles, have a wide variety of memorial jewellery available, from necklaces to pendants, rings and bracelets. Memorial jewellery also gives you and family a chance to all share your beloved’s ashes by getting multiple of the same bracelets or rings which will all hold a small piece of your dearly departed.

Ashes Bracelets

Our Ashes Bracelets for Men collection comes in a variety of different materials as well as colours, such as stainless steel, leather and sturdy woven cord. These bracelets come with stainless steel ash chambers attached which are the compartments where the ashes are held, creating a durable and long-lasting effect.

The ash chambers are silver but we have recently released a black edition to provide more choice. The magnetic enclose on the ash chamber provides a secure and comfortable hold, while also being discreet and personal. The ashes bracelets for men are fitting for those who wish to pay tribute to their late wives, fathers or any other family member you wish to keep close.

Our Leather Ashes Charm Bracelets come in both a steel and gold tear drop ash container made of stainless steel, along with options to choose on a diverse colour palette for the leather such as, blue, pink, silver and many more.

Hand made with high quality leather this charm bracelet offers a more feminine touch than the ashes bracelets for men. Similar to the ash bracelets for men, these bracelets also have a magnetic enclosure to offer secure and comfortable wear. The leather on these bracelets has an elasticity and will adapt to your body temperature creating a soothing feeling. The leather charm bracelets are fitting for the ashes of a late husband, mother or any other family member you wish to keep close.

Memorial Necklaces 

Our Memorial Necklaces come in both ashes infused and self-filling options, our gemstone self-fill ashes necklaces come with an elegant gemstone pendant. We offer a collection of 15 different gemstones each representing a unique symbolism. The way you fill an ash pendant is by twisting off the top and gently pouring in a small amount of ashes into the ash chamber and then carefully screwing the top back on to ensure security. Family members could all get a necklace with the same or different gemstone and all carry a piece of a loved one.

Memorial Rings

All of our Memorial Rings are made of stainless steel which are available in both gold plated and silver. Our self-fill ashes range come with a gemstone of your choice with the option of 15 different versions all signifying unique symbolisms and meanings. A secure twistable top allows you to add the ashes yourself. These self-fill ashes rings are ideal for gifting a family who have lost a loved one, allowing all family members to carry a piece of their beloved all times.