Self-fill Jewellery Gemstones and Their Meanings

In this article we will be showcasing to you the various Gemstone Ashes Jewellery that we have available. They range in colours and gemstones, each pendant and ring has its own individual meaning and symbolism behind it, take a look below to find out more. The 14 gemstones presented today accompany our Gold & Steel Gemstone Self-fill Ashes Rings, as well as our Gemstone Self-fill Ashes Necklaces in their respective materials.

The Red Agate Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

This beautiful and captivating gemstone contains red hues which vary in opaqueness, sometimes they can be darker deep red colours, or lighter orange hues. This gemstone symbolises stability and protection, while also promoting inner peace and tranquillity.

This gemstone has powerful healing links to the root chakra and sacral chakra, with multifaceted vibrations which can balance chakras including the solar plexus, heart chakra and the third eye. Although this gemstone is not a birthstone, it has a special affinity which links with those that are born under the Capricorn’s zodiac sign. This Gemstone would be suited to a loved one who was peaceful and healing towards you.

The Red Agate perfectly contrasts the Golden Ashes Jewellery. The warm red hues compliment the premium feel of gold, catching the viewers eye. These pieces of jewellery would compliment formal or casual attire, whether it would be bright and colourful or darker outfits to make the coloured gemstone stand out.

The Green Agate Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

This dazzling deep green gemstone is known to be protecting, stabilizing and grounding. It promotes inner peace, with a calm and balanced attitude. These gemstones vary in opaqueness, from deep dark green shades, to lighter airy green hues.

This beautiful gemstone leads back to the Egyptians, at least 3000 years ago this gemstone was used for seals, rings and decorating vessels. The ancient source of this gemstone has come from Achates River, which is how this gemstone got the name Agate. This crystal is known to enhance mental and emotional flexibility. This Gemstone would be suited to a loved one who was grounded and down to earth, with a calm personality.

The Green Agate Gemstone compliments the cool Steel material with its neutral based colour. These pieces of Ashes Jewellery would suit a formal or casual attire, whether that would be a neutral coloured outfit or a darker toned outfit.

The Blue Agate Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

This magnificent gemstone is known to be stabilizing and protective, which promotes inner peace and self reflection. This gemstone's appearance will vary based on the material it is matched with. With a slightly transparent body, this gemstone will appear more warm in colour in a gold setting or cooler in colour with a steel setting.

This gemstone is not necessarily a birth stone for a month, but it has links to the zodiac sign of Gemini. The blue colours symbolise truth and loyalty. It has importance to healing, as far back as the Golden Age of Greece. This Gemstone would be suited to a loved one who was a Gemini or was a truthful and honest person.

The Amethyst Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

This purple gemstone is known to be protective and spiritual. Providing insight, it promotes thinking and inner intuition. This crystal has a range of shades from deep dark purple, to a lighter purple, almost pink hue. This necklace for ashes sparks warm energy and positivity. This gemstone would compliment clothing colours such as green, yellow or grey.

The amethyst is ruled by the planet Jupiter, meaning it is the Zodiac Gem which links to those born under the sign of Pisces. This particular gemstone is thought to ease the process of grief and loss with its spiritual healing properties, this offers a sense of comfort and hope. This Gemstone would be suited to a loved one who had the zodiac sign of Pisces or was known to be spiritual and protective.

The Blue Goldstone Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

This gemstone is known to benefit those who are anxious and panicked as it provides ultimate peace and stability. This gemstone presents in a dark blue tone, with small speckles cascading across the body of the gem. The wearer of this gemstone will become revitalized, encouraging a positive attitude. With this, it is meant to transmit healing energies whilst also increasing self-acceptance. This stone is said to be encouraging and increase motivation.

The Blue Goldstone is linked to the throat chakra and is known to reduce anxiety. This Gemstone would be suited to a loved one who was a positive and encouraging person in your life. This Jewellery made from ashes embodies calm and collected energy, which would compliment clothing colours such as yellow.

The Kyanite Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

This gemstone is known to balance energy and bring peace, while also promoting the ability to express one’s feelings. Kyanite is a vivid blue colour with shiny streaks that cover the gemstone. This memorial necklace and ring has a gemstone which is a darker blue in colour, while radiating calmness and sensitivity. This gemstone would compliment clothing colours such as amber or dark yellow.

The vibrational energies that radiate from this gemstone are believed to benefit the clearing of physical, mental and emotional blockages that have built up. Most people suggest wearing this gemstone close to the neck, as it links to the throat chakra which is the chakra that is used for communication. Kyanite helps promote inner calmness and tranquillity, making it help those with sleeping disorders. This Gemstone would be suited to a loved one who was energetic and open to you.

The Grey Moonstone Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

This gemstone is known to ease and help those who are thoughtful and intuitive, while also calming those who are anxious. The physical look of the Grey Moonstone can vary in transparency and opaqueness, with a soft grey colour. When placed in a golden setting, it will appear warmer in colour.

This gemstone has a long history, where it was used as presents for those in power and of status many years ago. The Grey Moonstone is known for its healing powers, having properties that heal exhaustion and sadness. This gemstone is rare to find, making it powerful and sought after. This gemstone would be suited to a loved one who was powerful, yet sensitive. This pendant for ashes and ring for ashes radiates soothing and relaxing energies, with its muted colours and transparency. The muted colours would compliment clothing styles and colours that consist of blue.

The Rose Quartz Gemstone Ashes Jewellery

When it comes to sadness and trauma, this gemstone is known to have a mild soothing effect, which promotes empathy, openness and helpfulness. With a soft pink colour, this gemstone can vary in opaqueness and transparency, appearing warmer in golden settings and cooler in steel settings.

The meaning of Rose Quartz is love and compassion. This gemstone is strongly tied to the heart and throat chakra, helping with love, healing with communication and with self-care. The pink hues symbolise femininity and gentleness. This Gemstone would be suitable for a loved one who was loving and compassionate. This cremation jewellery has been created to give off loving and soothing energies, with the power to adjust its appearance in golden and steel settings. This gemstone would compliment clothing colours such as light green or white.

The Black Rutilated Quartz Jewellery

This gemstone is known to be uplifting and calming, helping to reduce anxiety. The hair line-like streaks can be thick or thin in appearance, creating unique and different patterns on each gemstone. Rutilated Quartz helps with protection, determination and self-control. It promotes spiritual growth, cleansing and energising your aura, while also getting rid of any negativity. This gemstone helps with facing fears and getting rid of any anxious thoughts that you may have, while also promoting forgiveness.

Black Rutilated Quartz has links to the zodiac signs of Gemini and Taurus, with complimenting elements of air & fire. This Gemstone would be suitable for a loved one who eased you of your anxieties and helped you face your fears. This memorial ring and pendant radiate unique personality and cleaning energies. This gemstone would suit casual or formal attire, complimenting various different colours, from white to black.

The Gold Rutilated Quartz Jewellery

This gemstone is used to cleanse auras and provide you with amounts of energy, helping you let go of the past and negative thoughts. The hair-like patterns can be thick or thin in appearance, creating unique gemstone patterns. This gemstone may stimulate your spiritual creativity, linked to higher realms, it can help luminate your soul and enhance your intuition.

Gold Rutilated Quartz helps to ward off negative thoughts and feelings, resonating with all your chakras. This Gemstone would be suitable for a loved one who was creative and helped you with facing your anxieties in life. This cremation jewellery helps fight negative feelings, radiating warmth and happiness. With its warm and bright hues, it compliments any warm coloured outfit.

The Strawberry Quartz Jewellery

This gemstone is known to bring joy and happiness to you. This quartz is very transparent with a pale pink cloudy hue. The Strawberry Quartz helps you recognise your talents and doesn't let them go unrecognized. It will help you achieve your goals and reach your potential.

Strawberry Quartz will provide you with inner peace and help to make new friendships in your life. This gemstone can help get rid of negative vibrations and cleanse yourself of them. This gem links to physical and unconditional love, which can be used on chakras such as the base chakra and the heart chakra. The Gemstone would be suitable for a loved one who brought you joy and happiness.

The Tigers Eye Jewellery

This gemstone is known to be a protective gem, protecting from negative external influences, providing insight to ourselves and others. The Tigers Eye is opaque with soft wood-like patterns. This gemstone represents that of a tiger, with power, courage and fearlessness. It has the power to protect you from the evil eye and negative energies, providing health and vitality. The Tigers Eye helps to balance the solar plexus, heart and third eye chakras. This gemstone would be suited for a loved one who made you feel fearless and powerful.

The Pearl Gemstone Ashes Jewellery 

This gemstone is known to bring peace, with tranquillity and enlightenment. The Pearl is completely opaque with a shiny finish. Pearls symbolise wisdom, highly sought after for their calming effect. The wearer is known to have protection, while attracting good luck and prosperity. They possess feelings of elegance and beauty, while also being meaningful. The Pearl is known to be feminine in appearance, complimenting those who wear it. This gemstone would be suited for a loved one who was calming and feminine.

The Black Onyx Jewellery

This gemstone helps achieve balance and steadiness. Black Onyx is mostly opaque in appearance. When wearing the Black Onyx, you will feel courageous and powerful. This gemstone is linked to the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Leo. It helps with focus and will power. Onyx takes its name from the Greek word meaning claw, known to be the eleventh stone on the breastplate of the high priest. Black Onyx is used for good fortune, shielding you from harm. This gemstone would be suited for a loved one who was balanced and courageous.