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Article: Self-Fill Ashes Bracelets - A Beautiful Gift For Your Husband

Self-Fill Ashes Bracelets - A beautiful gift for your husband

Self-Fill Ashes Bracelets - A Beautiful Gift For Your Husband

Finding the perfect jewellery gift for your beloved is difficult, from deciding on a necklace, bracelet, or ring, all the way to their preferred materials and metals used in the piece itself. Before all of that can even be considered, it is important to find a heartfelt style and motif too. All of this means that its no wonder many of us struggle to find a gift we are truly satisfied with.

Ashes jewellery has soared in popularity over the years, especially the self-fill type that can be easily filled and worn on a day to day basis. With a small, secure chamber, self-fill jewellery is convenient to wear, all the while retaining its purpose as a dedicated memorial to your beloved. Another option for memorial jewellery is infusing ashes within glass, creating an almost crystalline structure within. Knowing this, you may ask yourself :

Why should I pick self-fill jewellery instead?

Self-fill jewellery provides much more convenience and discretion, the ashes are hidden within the chamber, and its outwardly appearance bears no resemblance to a piece containing cremation ashes. This keeps the piece personal to the individual wearing it.

The primarily materials used with self fill ashes jewellery are a combination of 316-Stainless Steel, Leather, and Gold. Stainless steel is the perfect material for a compact tube to hold ashes, while also having hypoallergenic properties, making it a safe choice for jewellery. The leather used in our memorial bracelets is sourced from Belgium.

The same cannot be said for ashes infused jewellery, the permanence of the glass blowing techniques takes away from the convenience factor, while the distinct hues created are unmistakable and easy to notice. This could take away the personal aspect of jewellery for some, leading them to opt for Self-Fill jewellery instead. This is not to say that Glass Infused jewellery isn't beautiful, both types of jewellery have a different purpose, and in this article we will primarily focus on the self-fill cremation jewellery.

Should I pick an ashes ring, bracelet, or necklace?

This question is ultimately down to who you are picking a gift for, is it a spouse, a family member, or a dear friend? What do they prefer to wear? Do they primarily wear casual or formal, professional clothes? Once we've narrowed this down, we can start looking at the possible options for your beloved.

Beautiful ashes jewellery gifts for your husband

before we begin looking at the list itself, it's important to note that the men's line of self fill jewellery is available with either black stainless steel and silver stainless steel, each providing a distinct aesthetic. We recommend looking at the entire self-fill collection if you're interested in each variation.

Braided Leather Ashes Bracelet for Men - Black Edition

This bracelet has a modest aesthetic, being the perfect gift for a professional. With the range of colours matching a suit or casual wear. The distinct feel of leather is unmistakable, soft on your skin yet sturdy and secure.

Corded Ashes Bracelet for Men

The Corded Ashes Bracelet takes great inspiration from the nautical industry, with the material itself being commonly used for naval rope for many centuries, it is practical, strong, yet stylish. The colour schemes are well varied, if your beloved likes brighter colours, the navy blue, garnet red, and red may be of interest. These colours are perfect for more casual attire.

Braided Stainless Steel Bracelet for Men - Black Edition

If your spouse doesn't like the feel of leather on their skin, this bracelet may be the ideal choice. The stainless steel is cool to the touch, and will not irritate their skin, thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. This bracelet is versatile, comfortably adding to and accentuating both casual and formal outfits.

Leather Ashes Bracelet For Men - Black Edition

This bracelet has a brilliant simplicity to it, the leather is not braided, and as such has a uniform feel all the way through. This makes for a comfortable, and practical bracelet that can be worn with anything, but shines through when matched when completing an aesthetic with muted and dark colour schemes.

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