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Article: Locations for Indoor Urns

Locations for Indoor Urns
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Locations for Indoor Urns

Have you recently purchased an indoor cremation urn but are not quite sure where to place it?

Making preparations for your loved one’s remains can be a confusing time, we have created this article to provide advice and tips to help you set up a space worthy for your beloved.

Indoor Cremation Urns are made to be kept inside the home rather than outside for those who wish to keep their loved one a part of their home. 

A safe space

Choosing a safe location is important, you don’t want to choose an area where the urn can be easily knocked over or fall into the hands of a toddler or the paws of a pet.

Choose an area which is off the ground, levelled and steady like secure shelf in a dresser or chest of drawers to avoid any accidental tipping or breaking. 

Choosing a room 

One thing you have to think about would be choosing a room, most people go with the living room as it’s the space that’s often occupied by all the family and where people gather for holidays, celebrations and intimate family moments.  

However, some people prefer a more private location such as their loved one’s old bedroom or even their own bedroom, many people find comfort in the thought of having their loved one close by as they sleep as it can give the feeling they are being watched over and may be a remedy for struggling to sleep at night. 

Some people may think a kitchen is a strange space to place an urn for ashes but if you enjoyed preparing and eating meals together with your late mother or partner, keeping their ashes in a safe space in the kitchen may provide you with comfort and joyful memories when you no longer have your cooking partner there with you. 

Any room in your household is suitable for an urn as long as you decide it is, if you are having trouble deciding between 2 or more rooms, we also have Matching Urns and Keepsake Urns which will allow you to keep a part of your loved one in as many rooms as you wish. Our Passage Cremation Urn and Ashes Keepsake Urn as a matching set would be ideal for this. 

Accommodating to décor

Because of our wide variety of materials, styles, shapes and colours you can choose an urn to accommodate with the rest of your furniture. Whether you prefer wooden or modern décor an urn which blends and enhances the rest of your décor would be a perfect fit. We have wooden, metal, ceramic, and porcelain urns to choose from to suit your needs. 

Another thing to think about is what your loved one’s personal interests and hobbies were. For example, if they were a huge football fan our Football Cremation Urn for Ashes is a metal urn carved into the shape of a football.

The choice is yours, you can either blend the urn in with the rest of furniture or you can even create a small memorial space, a kind of shrine dedicated to your loved one.

You can choose an area and add their favourite personal items such as jewellery they wore as well as adding photographs, you can even make their memorial space a part of holiday decorations to keep them a part of the celebrations.


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