Tributes For a Cherished Pet

In many households pets are not considered just animals but a part of the family, they give us comfort and bring us happiness. The thought of losing a loving companion like that can be a frightening thing.

To be honest, the horrible reality is that most of us will outlive our pets and will one day have to say goodbye, however, some bonds can never be broken even in death.

For those who have suffered a pet loss but hope to one day reunite with their four-legged friend, there are options to be put to rest together - so you never have to be apart.

Cremation gives pet owners with the desire of one day being reunited, the opportunity to store their pets' ashes in an urn until they pass and are cremated themselves. Companion urns allow the ashes of two to mix but there is also the option of keeping the 2 sets of ashes separate using biodegradable ashes’ bags, which can still be placed within the same urn.  

Mixing human ashes with animal ashes or getting buried with your pet may seem odd to some people, but the truth is people have been getting laid to rest with their animal companions for centuries.

In ancient Egypt, royalty was often buried alongside cats and dogs with the belief to be reunited in the afterlife. Even in British history nobles would get buried with their companion horses who accompanied them in war. 

We, at Urns for Angels are huge pet lovers and understand the special lifetime bond between man and their furry best friends. For this reason, we have handcrafted cremation urns suitable to maintain that bond with our companion cremation urns. 

Our Pyramid Cremation Urn is a metal urn which comes in the sturdy and stable shape of a pyramid. Symbolising the great pyramids of Giza - strong structures that have lasted in the test of time, this companion cremation urn is reliable large urn, capable of holding the ashes of two adults. With the capacity to hold the body weight of 221 kg, this urn is ideal for holding the ashes of both an adult and their pet. 

Our Love Heart Cremation Urn for ashes for Dogs is a wooden urn which takes the shape a love heart, representing the love shared between 2 loved ones, whether that is between 2 adults or a person and their beloved pet.

According to a league table from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, the weight of an average adult is 62kg. Whereas the average weight of a large pet is 30-40kg. this makes this urn suitable as it can hold the ashes of a body weight up to 138kg.

There is no legislation in the UK when it comes to mixing the ashes of a human and their pet, in fact there is a pet crematorium in Hampshire allowing people to have their ashes spread alongside their cherished pets.   

To calculate whether your ashes and your pet’s ashes will fit into an urn please refer to our size guide and pet size guide.