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Article: 7 Benefits of Cremation

7 Benefits of Cremation

7 Benefits of Cremation

Researching the different options available to you when it comes to your loved one’s funeral plans and final wishes, you might be thinking; why should I choose cremation? In this article we will be discussing the benefits of choosing to go through with the cremation process.

What is Cremation?

The cremation process takes place in a cremation chamber or retort. The body is exposed to intense heat, open flames and evaporation. After this process has taken place, what is left is bone fragments, which are collected together and grinded down into ashes.

The steps of cremation include:

  • Identifying the body authorisation to cremate is obtained.
  • The body is then prepared, by removing anything that cannot go into the retort that may damage the chamber or cause harm to the workers, jewellery will also be collected and given back to the family.
  • The body is placed in a container that is combustible. 
  • The body is then placed into the chamber at a high temperature for up to 2 hours. 
  • A magnet tool is used to collect any pieces of metal that may have been left behind after the cremation process.  
  • The bone fragments that are left are grounded into ashes, then placed into a temporary urn/container or the choice of urn the family representative has chosen.

    Here are some reasons as to why cremation is a better option than land burials:

    Cremation is cheaper

    The cremation process tends to be at least half the price of a land burial, so choosing to go through with the cremation process will save you a lot of money. If you are seeking an even cheaper route of cremation, there is a such thing called direct cremation. This is where you have a basic cremation process, without a limousine or expensive coffin. With this process, you don't have a funeral service, though you may hold one yourself with family and close ones.


    With cremation, you don't have set times from a funeral director, the time is up to you, therefore you can arrange with friends and family or people who are having to travel to come to the ceremony, a perfect time to fit everyone so no one has to miss saying their last goodbyes. 

    More options of final resting places

    If you decide to have your loved one cremated, you can have their final resting spot to be virtually anywhere you or they wanted. For example, you aren’t tied down to a cemetery or graveyard that you have to travel to if you choose burial. Whereas, if you opt for cremation, your loved one can stay with you in your home in a cremation urn suited to your taste, or you could spread their ashes at their favourite destination.

    Cremation can allow families to come together in times of grief

    With there being keepsake urns, it allows your family members to be able to keep a part of your loved one close to them. It also gives them the option of deciding what they want to do with your loved ones' ashes personally, for example keeping them in their home or scattering their ashes in their preferred location. If you go through with a land burial, it may be hard for the family to connect in this troubling time due to things like distance being in the way.  

    Environmentally friendly

    Traditional embalming technique uses a chemical called formaldehyde, which is extremely bad for the environment. Cremation is more of a greener alternative, that doesn't have chemicals involved which then contaminate the environment. Although some emissions are released into the air with the cremation process, equipment is being developed to reduce emissions. 

    You can still have a burial for your loved ones cremated remains

    If at a later date you would prefer to bury your loved ones ashes, instead of keeping them in your home, you can do so. You may decide to place them into a columbarium or a plot of land at a cemetery, the choice is yours. All the options are still open and available to you.

    You can choose a cremation urn tailored to them 

    Urns for cremation ashes can be more personal to you and your family when the design of the cremation urn for ashes suits their personality, favourite colour or favourite hobby. In our online store we have cremation boxes for ashes, cremation jewellery and even companion urns.

    If you would prefer something to hold a small portion of your loved one's ashes that can be close to you at all times, there is memorial jewellery available in our online store. With self fill jewellery, you can have your loved one with you at all times, with our self fill pendants and rings, you can even choose a gemstone with a colour that was your loved one's favourite colour or possibly their birthstone colour. 

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