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Article: What to Know Before Buying a Cremation Urn

What to Know Before Buying a Cremation Urn

What to Know Before Buying a Cremation Urn

Cremation urns are a commemorative tribute to your loved one; making a decision can be overwhelming, especially when you discover all the different types of materials, styles and purposes of cremation urns that are available.  

When it comes to choosing an urn, you may not know where to start, especially while you are going through a tough time or if it is your first time doing so. For this very reason, we have created a guide to help you to decide which type of urn would suit your dearly departed best. 

An important part of finding the perfect urn is reflecting on the personality of your angel, making the process of searching for an urn more personal. We can help you through your search by asking the following questions: 

Who Is The Urn For?

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be a very difficult time in your life and what to do with the ashes is a deeply personal decision to make. Whether you are seeking an urn for a family member, friend or loving pet, we have urns available for everyone.

At Urns for Angels, we provide a unique and diverse selection of cremation urns, from modern metal urns, environmentally friendly biodegradables, to elegant ceramic urns, we want to help you to find a way to cherish the life of your dearly departed by providing a perfect fit.

What Type Of Urn Do I Choose?

Cremation urns come in different types of materials, e.g., ceramic, wood, metal, and natural biodegradable materials. Each of which have various advantages depending on the location you choose for your loved one's final resting place. 

Your chosen cremation urn will represent the personality and the cherished memories of your angel. If your loved one wished to be one with the earth, our broad selection of Biodegradable Cremation Urns could be a suitable fit.

Ceramic Urns

Our artistic ceramic urns are beautifully designed and handcrafted in high quality ceramic material, available in a broad selection of shapes, colours and sizes we are confident you will discover an urn worthy of your loved one’s ashes. These ceramic urns are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, making them ideal to either match with your home décor or a fit for a memorial garden.

Wooden Urns

Our carefully handcrafted wooden urns are designed from various types of wood such as, mulberry, walnut, Swiss pine and many more, for those who prefer a natural but yet detailed design. We give the option of having our wooden urns oiled or varnished as well as engraved to protect and personalise an urn specifically for your loved one.

Metal Urns

Our masterfully handcrafted metal urns have been designed to provide a strong, reliable and aesthetic resting place for your beloved. All of our metal urns are made of stainless steel making the urns suitable for both indoors and outdoors without the worry of rusting. Although made of metal we still offer a selection of colour such as different matte and bronze shades.

Biodegradable Urns

A biodegradable urn naturally decomposes within soil or water and is considered eco-friendly and safe for the environment. We have biodegradable urns available for both land and water burials as well as our living urn, which you can add your beloved’s ashes to and grow into a majestic memorial tree. 

What Size Urn Do I Need?

If you intend to place your loved one’s ashes in one of our cremation urns, it is important that you know the appropriate size of the urn. Our carefully selected variety allows you to find the most suitable urn based on the size that you choose.

The sizes we have to offer are: Large Adult, AdultChild, Baby and Pet. We have a specific page for the size guide of our urns and each of our product pages explains the capacity of each urn in litres and cubic inches. 

We also offer keepsake urns which have a smaller capacity, giving you the option to hold a small amount of ashes should you wish to share or scatter your loved one’s remains.

Where Can I Place the Urn?

Depending on the material and the purpose you wish to choose for your urn containing your loved one’s ashes, a cremation urn can be placed in numerous different locations such as; within your home, in your garden or in another chosen location.  

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