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Article: 5 Cremation Urns for Children's Ashes

5 cremation urns for childrens ashes

5 Cremation Urns for Children's Ashes

Losing a child is one of the most heart-breaking and painful experiences a family can go through. Here at Urns For Angels we care about helping you through this difficult time in your life. We want to make this process as stress-free as it can be by helping you find the right cremation urn for ashes that resonates with your dearly departed child.

We collaborate with many skilled artisans which allow us to offer our families the perfect tribute to honour the memory of their loved one. Whether it be a wooden urn, a metal urn, a ceramic urn, a porcelain urn, or a biodegradable urn, we are confident we have something that will help you celebrate the life of your child.

We also recommend taking a look at our support organisations section of our website where we talk about some very noble organisations which could be able to lend some advice during this difficult time. You will find a range of different charities including volunteers and counsellors which are here too help and support you.

Angelite Cremation Urn for Ashes

This crystalline glaze ceramic urn contains many different iridescent shades of blues ranging from the depths of the ocean and the heights of the skies. The blue tones bring an aura of peace and calm. The speckle-like touch to the background almost resembles grains of soft sand or the droplets of drizzle on a window. This cremation urn exudes energy of being outdoors, the perfect tribute for a tot who loved splashing in puddles on a rainy day or making sand castle too close to the oceans shore.

Biodegradable Tree Urn for Ashes

Our Tree Urn for Ashes is made using eco-friendly materials derived from plants which excludes the use of any toxic glues or binding agents. This biodegradable urn is designed to use your loved one's ashes and transform them into a new tree. A memorial tree is the perfect tribute to give to one that has gone but will never be forgotten. The bamboo shell is designed to temporarily hold your loved one until you decide on the location you wish the tree to be planted, however it still acts a nice piece to lay your eyes on.

Unity Biodegradable Urn for Ashes

Our Unity Biodegradable Urn for Ashes is handcrafted from a blend of natural materials, including vegetable extracts and coastal sand. These organic gubbins create an eco-friendly urn for ashes which is completely biodegradable. This urn is suitable for land burial or water burial, or can act as a temporary holder within the home. Once your urn begins to biodegrade, your loved one's ashes will be returned to nature allowing new life to grow within the earth.

Turtle Biodegradable Urn for Ashes

This biodegradable urn takes on the form of a turtle designed to swim throughout the oceans for eternity. It has been created using water soluble biodegradable paper and non-toxic glue to ensure that no damage comes to the environment when releasing your loved one's ashes into the water.

This is the perfect symbolic piece for you and your family to say goodbye to your loved one during a water burial ceremony, as you watch your turtle swim away into their new life. Some families choose to share the ashes amongst various turtles so multiple family members can release a turtle. Once your turtle begins to degrade, your loved one's ashes will be released to reunite with nature.

Trigon Cremation Urn for Ashes

This triangular piece has a monumental feel to it with a design meant to rise above and beyond towards the higher realm where your loved one now resides. This is a strong symbol of the eternal love you and your family hold for your departed angel. The triangle represents balance for achieving great height and a higher perspective.

It can also be seen to mark the cycles of growth that lead to a higher state of being, symbolising the path towards enlightenment. This metal urn for ashes is the perfect symbolic gesture to place a child's ashes in as despite being taken from us too soon, we will be reminded that they have moved onto a better place.

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