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Article: Where to Place a Cremation Urn

Where to Place a Cremation Urn

Where to Place a Cremation Urn

Many families receive the ashes of their loved one from their funeral director in a temporary vessel. They are then left with the choice on what they wish to do with them. Before you decide which urn to choose, a common first thought is usually around where the urn will be placed. You then have a good idea on what material, size or style could be suitable for you.

This article has been made to answer any questions you may have and help you decide on where the best place for your urn for ashes may be, As we understand thinking about this after losing a loved one can be quite difficult.

Keeping your Urn at Home

Some choose to keep their loved one’s ashes within a decorative urn at home, perhaps alongside a photo to create a special memorial. This allows them to keep the ashes of their loved one close by, providing a tangible tribute to their memory.

Keeping Your Urn in Your Garden

Cremation urns can also be placed in your garden, for example in a spot where a loved one used to sit. Our ceramic Urns are ideal for this type of memorial as they have been skilfully crafted to withstand the elements.

Biodegradable land Urns

When A biodegradable urn is buried within the soil, it slowly begins to merge with the environment. Our Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn for ashes can be used to temporarily store your loved ones ashes prior to a biodegradable burial, where it will naturally decompose over time. Some families plant a tree next to the urn or on top of it, as the minerals will directly influence the growth of the tree, allowing it to develop into an everlasting symbol of your dearly departed.

Alternatively, You can view our full collection of biodegradable urns here

Water burials

Our Water Urns naturally biodegrade within water and are considered eco friendly and safe for the environment. After placing The Journey Urn and its precious contents on the surface of the water, within a short period of time it will become completely submerged. Once submerged, The urn and your loved ones ashes will begin to dissipate within the water until they completely disappear. Some families like to complete their loved ones' burial with our Memorial Petals to scatter alongside their urn.

Keeping your urn in a Urn Garden

Many graveyards and crematoriums have urn gardens. An urn garden is where a group of loved ones can rest within an urn grave. An urn garden can be a peaceful resting place for commemorative monuments, some can also be used in dispersion areas. There is an advantage to this as your loved ones urn can be placed near to home, which makes visitation easier.

Keeping your Urn in a Columbarium

A columbarium is a wall with cavities in it, usually situated in the cemetery. It is made of stone and holds individual slots for urns.

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