Why choose a Biodegradable Land Burial?

We understand that laying your loved one to rest is a sensitive circumstance. Choosing the ideal urn is important. We have written this article to highlight our collection and hopefully aid you in finding the right urn for your dearly departed.

What is a biodegradable land urn?

This is most likely the first question that comes to mind when browsing through our store. In essence, biodegradable land burial urns are eco-friendly, with their main benefit being the ability to provide your loved one with a burial in nature. The urns naturally degrade over time, and have no negative impact on the environment. Feel free to view our entire collection of Biodegradable Land Burial Urns.

We have many types of Land Burial urns, and we hand picked a small selection of urns below to highlight their different properties, uses and styles.

The Arenae Urn (pictured below) is almost cylindrical in shape, entirely handmade from organic materials like sand and vegetable minerals, giving it a rough texture. It naturally releases the ashes into the soil when buried, and despite it's sturdy exterior, the organic materials allow it to degrade over time.

Image of the Arenae biodegradable urn product from Urns For Angels

Our Sylvan Cremation Urn (pictured below) is designed to be both durable for indoor keeping purposes, as well as being biodegradable. To achieve this, natural quartz sand, mineral powder and water based acrylics are used. The tree root ornamentation on the urn perfectly symbolises the beauty of nature.Image of the Sylvan cremation urn product from Urns For Angels

The Biodegradable Tree Urn (pictured below) is designed to have your loved one's ashes grow into a beautiful memory tree, with a firm bamboo shell in place to keep your loved one safe until you find the right place to bury them. No glue or toxic binding agents were used in its making, which means that it is completely eco-friendly.image of biodegradable tree urn from Urns For Angels

Here is a quick video showing how the Biodegradable Tree Urn is used:

Our Purity Earthurn (pictured below) is a pristine example of an affordable urn that can hold your loved one's ashes temporarily until you find the right place to bury them, as well as being biodegradable. The outside of this oval shaped urn is a gentle textured white, with tiny red flowers embedded on the surface.


Our Embrace Photo Urn (pictured below) is designed to temporarily hold your loved one's ashes, the urn can be fashioned with a photo frame of your dearly departed. The perfect choice for a vessel to safely transfer your loved one's ashes to a desired location for scattering. The urn has been hand crafted using sustainably sourced bark from a Mulberry Tree, through an ancient process that brings no harm to the tree itself.

Image of the Embrace biodegradable Photo urn from Urns For Angels

Our Bamboo Burial Urn (pictured below) is made entirely from sustainable bamboo. It has a cylindrical design with smooth edges, and naturally biodegrades within 2 to 6 months. The locking pin for the urn keeps the lid secure without the use of any chemical sealing agents.Image of Bamboo biodegradable urn from Urns For Angels

We hope that this article gave you a greater understanding of land burials, land burial urns, as well as being helpful in finding the ideal urn.

We also advise each family to take a look at our Bereavement Support guide.

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