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Article: What are the benefits of choosing Ceramic Urn?

What are the benefits of choosing Ceramic Urn

What are the benefits of choosing Ceramic Urn?

A question you may consider when browsing through our store is: "Why should I choose a ceramic urn?In this article, we will guide you through our selection of stunning ceramic urns to help you get a better understanding of the range and the benefits of this material.

The word 'Ceramic' is derived from a Greek word “Keramos” which means 'Pottery'. Our ceramic urns have been expertly handcrafted by skilled artisans with love and care to ensure that your angel’s ashes are secure within an elegant resting place. 

Here are a few bullet points to give you a greater insight into why ceramic might be the right choice for you:

  • Ceramic is a traditional material that has been tried and tested for many years.
  • Each piece has been handcrafted so it intertwines with your home décor effortlessly, radiating a comforting aura.
  • Due to how malleable clay is, our artisans have been able to create intricate and stunning designs which are like no other.
  • With the ceramic material you can achieve an array of colours and textures to create the perfect tribute for your angel.
  • The colour palette and glazes have been carefully selected by our artisans to provide the highest level of aesthetics.
  • Ceramic is resistant to atmospheric influence meaning that it’s suitable to be kept either indoors or outdoors.  

 Featured in video below is the Angel Wings Cremation Urn. This beautiful urn has been handcrafted to form the wings of an angel. 

We also have a keepsake version of this urn which can be used to hold a small portion of you loved ones ashes, perhaps in another room - or to give to another family member.


Our prices start from £169 for the Keepsake Urn. Our adult sized larger urns start at £225. These designer cremation urns are a meaningful way to keep your angel close when they have passed on from the physical world. 

We have a wide range of ceramic urns available, many of which also have matching keepsakes. Feel free to visit our Ceramic Urn collection to see the rest of our broad range of artistic pieces.

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