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Sitting Cat Urn for Ashes in Amber

Sale price£119.00 GBP Regular price£199.00 GBP
INNER COATING® (+35 GBP, +40 USD, +39 EUR):

Please Note: Urns that are in our clearance sale have been discounted due to their immediate availability. For urns that require Inner Coating, they have to be made from scratch. Adding Inner Coating incurs an additional charge of £35 on top of the regular price (excluding discounts and clearance items).


Introducing our Amber Sitting Cat Urn, a remarkable tribute meticulously handcrafted from the highest quality ceramic to commemorate your beloved feline family member. This exceptional pet urn, designed for the ashes of your cherished cat, stands apart in a range of colours, now featuring the warm and inviting amber hue. It offers a heartfelt tribute to your cat's memory while seamlessly complementing your unique preferences and surroundings.

The amber finish of this cat urn radiates a comforting warmth, symbolising the enduring bond you shared with your pet. Its inviting and rich colour gracefully harmonises with diverse interior settings, adding a touch of warmth and beauty to your home décor while standing as a poignant symbol of remembrance.

This meticulously crafted piece boasts a smooth surface, inviting you to hold it close during moments of reflection. The lifelike portrayal of a fully sized sitting cat graces your cat's favourite spot, be it a sunlit windowsill or a tranquil garden corner, creating a beautiful and meaningful addition to the surroundings.

Designed to accommodate the ashes of a fully sized cat, this urn is purpose-built to safeguard their remains. Fired at temperatures exceeding 1000℃, it gains remarkable resilience against atmospheric influences, ensuring its suitability for both indoor and outdoor use. For your convenience, a small tube of ceramic adhesive glue is included to the secure sealing of the urn's base.

Choose our Amber Glow Sitting Cat Urn for ashes to honour your beloved feline companion with grace and dignity, preserving the everlasting connection that will forever reside in your heart.

  • Height (cm): 24
  • Width (cm): 18
  • Depth (cm): 13
  • Approx Weight (kg): 1.1   
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Approx Capacity: 1.5 (ltr) / 97 (cu in)
  • Suitable for ashes of body weight up to approx: 44 (kg) / 97 (lbs)
  • Suitable for: Cats
  • Indoor or Outdoor use: Both
  • Delivery: 2 - 3 working days

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Sitting Cat Cremation Urn For Pets Ashes Amber Front View
Sitting Cat Urn for Ashes in Amber Sale price£119.00 GBP Regular price£199.00 GBP