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Sleeping Cat Urn for Ashes in Matte White

Sale price£165.00 GBP
SKU: KU 166

Introducing our Sleeping Cat Urn for Ashes in Matte White - a beautiful and elegant piece crafted from premium-quality ceramic. This feline urn is the perfect way to honour the memory of your beloved cat, providing a peaceful resting place for their ashes.

The shape of this urn is a symbol of eternal rest, with its soft curves and gentle lines. The matte white finish adds a touch of serenity and purity, representing the innocence and love of your cherished feline companion.

This piece is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile choice for placement. It can be displayed in a special spot in your home, such as a shelf or mantelpiece, or placed in a peaceful outdoor space, such as a garden or patio. The pet urn also comes with a matching bag and glue, ensuring a secure and respectful resting place for your cat's ashes.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Height (cm): 9.0
  • Width (cm): 17.5
  • Depth (cm): 17.0
  • Approx Weight: 0.8 (kg) / 1.76 (lbs)
  • Approx Capacity: 0.5 (ltr) / 30.5 (cu in)
  • Suitable for ashes of body weight up to approx: 13.83 (kg) / 30.5 (lbs)
  • Suitable for: Cat
  • Accessories: Urn bag and glue
  • Customisable: Engraving options available
  • Indoor or Outdoor use: Indoor
  • Colour: White
  • Finish: Matte
  • Delivery: 1 - 2 weeks

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Sleeping Urn for Ashes in Matte White
Sleeping Cat Urn for Ashes in Matte White Sale price£165.00 GBP