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Article: 10 Things to do with your Pet's Ashes

10 Things to do with your Pet's Ashes

10 Things to do with your Pet's Ashes

Pets are indisputably an invaluable part of the family, to some people, it is important to have a meaningful way to commemorate their four legged family members. Some families may struggle giving their pet the perfect send-off as they aren't aware of the different options available to them, from the standard ceremonies to more extravagant choices of ceremonies. This article will help inform you of the various options.

 Scattering your pet's cremated remains

A popular choice for pets is scattering your furry friends' remains. This can be done at their favourite spot that they liked while taking a walk, a camping spot or maybe even a holiday destination you visited as a family. It is important to remember that if your chosen area is on private property, you would need permission from the owners beforehand. This would be a great way to commemorate your pets’ life, as dogs love being outdoors and on walks. 

We have scattering urns available in our online store, designed specifically for the scattering of your loved one’s ashes. The long cylinder shape makes it so that you have control when scattering your ashes. It makes it so that you can keep the scattering urn at arms length away from your body. 

We have various scattering urns available on our website. Pictured below is the Bamboo Eco Friendly Scattering Tube For Pets Ashes.  

This scattering tube is made from biodegradable bamboo, making it durable and unique. It has a patent pending lock incorporated into the design, making it an extra safe place to store your pets' ashes before scattering them in your desired location. 

The patent pending lock design makes it the perfect choice of scattering tube for those who want to spread their pets' ashes in multiple locations, as you can scatter some ashes in one location, re-secure the lock and travel to another destination safely with the cremated ashes kept intact. 

  Land Burial

The option of burial for your loved one is also another popular choice when it comes to the passing of a pet. You can bury them in your garden, pet cemetery or a location that is special to you or them, like a favourite holiday location. Remember in public areas, you need to have permission from the owners beforehand to go through with a burial. 

If you choose to bury your pet in your back garden for example, your pet is always in close distance to visit whenever you like in times of remembrance. Whereas, if they are buried in a pet cemetery, you may have to travel further to visit them. 

We have designated cremation urns suitable for land burials on our website. Pictured below is the Bamboo Biodegradable Burial Urn for Pets Ashes.

This biodegradable land burial urn is made from bamboo and is an eco-friendly way of burying your beloved pet. There is a safety locking pin, allowing that your pets' ashes remain safe in transportation, until you are ready to then bury your furry friends' remains.

It will take approximately 2-6 months to completely meld back into the earth. This urn is suitable for up to a large pet.

Water Burial

This could be a good way to commemorate your beloved pet if they had a love for splashing in bodies of water at every chance they could get. A water burial could include dispersing a biodegradable urn in the sea or a favourite river that you visited on walks. You could also scatter your pets’ ashes into a body of water too. 

For water burials or scatterings, you could have the ceremony at the edge of a body of water or even rent a boat specifically to take you out to sea and hold the ceremony there. Having a ceremony, you can have it small and private with your close family members, or you could expand out and invite more family members and friends. 

We have urns designated to water burials that are available in our online store, such as our Eco Water™ Biodegradable Urn for Pets Ashes, pictured below.

Memorial Tree

Planting a tree in memory of your pet is a good way to remember and honour them. The first step with this idea is to plan which tree would be best for you and your family. If it is a tree that will be planted into your garden, it might be worth looking into how big a certain tree will grow or even look like. 

The next step would be to make sure it is in a good location and within easy access for you and your family to visit in times of remembrance. It should also be a location that has access to lots of natural light and great growing conditions for a tree to bloom and live. It might be worth acknowledging that you might need permission to plant a tree if it is on private land. 

There is also the option of having an indoor tree, so the memorial spot is inside your home. Choosing this option means that you wouldn't have to worry about weather conditions, travelling distance or possibly not being able to see the memorial tree often, as it is right there in your home. 

We have an indoor tree on our website, suitable for the remembrance of your beloved pet. The Indoor Tree Urn for Pets Ashes Range, pictured below. 

This memorial tree urn is a good way to keep your pets' ashes close to you in your home. Planting instructions also come with the urn, to help you along with correctly planting the tree.  

There are three colours to choose from regarding the base of the urn, from beige, blue and white, which can match with any interior design, from contemporary to anachronistic. 

This cremation is suitable for up to large pets, please also note that a tree or plant sapling does not come included with this cremation urn. 

We also have Biodegradable Tree Urn for Pets Ashes if you want to plant a tree outdoors. 

This cremation urn for your pet offers a way to grow your beloved pet into a memorial tree. It has a bamboo outer shell, which can also be kept as a keepsake after planting the tree. 

This urn is entirely biodegradable and comes with easy to follow instructions and aged wood chips. The urn contains a seed or seedling which will sprout and grow into a beautiful memorial tree for your beloved pet. 

 Cremation Jewellery

With the option of memorial jewellery for your pets’ ashes, it means that you can place a small portion of your loved one’s cremated remains into a necklace, bracelet or ring. With a variety of options to choose from in shapes and colours. For example, you could even decide to have a memorial necklace for your beloved pet in the shape of a paw print, which would not use your pet's ashes. 

Choosing to honour your pets’ legacy in this way means that they will always be with you and close to you at all times.

If you are interested in pet memorial jewellery, we have a selection available at our online website. For example, if you are interested in having memorial jewellery that holds cremated ashes, our Gold Gemstone Self-fill Ashes Pendant would be a great choice for you, which is pictured below.

This 24 carat gold plated self fill ashes pendant has a beautiful blend of traditional vintage design, with a modern touch. There is an array of gemstones to choose to incorporate with this memorial jewellery, with each gemstone having their own look and meaning, you can create something unique to you. 

Each pendant comes with a beautiful 45cm gold chain, which compliments formal or casual attire. To fill the pendant with your pets' ashes, all you need to do is simply twist the top of the pendant to reveal the ashes chamber below, where you would pour a small amount of ashes inside the chamber and securely fasten the screws back together.

Cremation Urn

Many pet owners prefer to keep their pets’ cremated ashes in the comfort of their own home. There may be many reasons for this, for example, they have their pet close to them in the home environment, therefore do not have to travel to a burial site. 

Some pet owners may decide to keep their pets’ ashes in the home temporarily, until they decide what would be best to honour the pets’ legacy in the long run, for example, scattering their pets’ ashes or burying them in their favourite walking spot. 

With cremation urns tailored to dogs, you have a wide selection of urns to choose from, from colours to design. For example our online store has a wide selection of urns to choose from, pictured below is the Dog Cremation Urn for Pets Ashes Range.

This urn showcases a photo frame of a dog, with its nose softly protruding from underneath a blanket. It is conspicuous in design to make people do a double look and get entranced into its unique design.

This ceramic urn combines a beautiful and delicate design with the functionality of a cremation urn. It is a beautiful tribute to a majority of different dog breeds. From Labradors and Golden Retrievers to Spaniels and Pomeranians. 

We also have urns available for cats. The Cat Cremation Urn for Pets Ashes Range is a spectacular urn dedicated to your feline friend. 

This cremation urn for your cat is a stunning piece for modern home décor. It poses as a striking eye piece while also retaining its purpose of being a thoughtful tribute to your cat. 

This urn comes in a variety of colours to match your home décor or to match possibly with the colour of your cats' fur. The Ceramic Cat Pet Cremation Urn collection is available in 12 colours: Beige, Beige Grey, Matte Black, Brown, Crackle Glaze, Cream, Dark Sand, Glossy Black, Metallic Blue, Oily Green, Red and White.

Having a tattoo in their honour 

This is a very creative and unique way of honouring your pets’ life. If you have an interest in tattoos and art, this could be an option for you. To do this though, you need to make sure you go with a company that can sterilise and filter out possible harmful fragments left behind in your pets’ cremation ashes. 

Once this process has been completed, you can go through with having a portion of your pets’ cremated remains tattooed into your skin. This method means that your pet is with you forever, wherever you go and will be right by your side in memory. It is a beautiful tribute to their legacy. 

Turn their ashes into a diamond

This is a way to turn a treasured memory into a beautiful physical treasure to hold or wear on your finger. With this method, you can choose the exact cut and colour of your chosen diamond, making it more personal to you. 

With this method, they take a small portion of your pets’ cremated ashes and turn them into a stunning diamond for you to cherish in their honour forever. This method takes the carbon from your pets’ DNA and recreates a high pressure and temperature to turn ashes into diamonds. 

Launch ashes into space 

This option entails placing a small amount of your pet’s ashes into a container and having a company launching them into space. There is the option of having the ashes being launched into space and travelling back down to Earth or spending the rest of eternity soaring through the atmosphere. 

This would be a good option to honour your pets’ spirit if you and your companion were both adventurous and forever going on outings and adventures. This could be their last big final adventure to the stars.

Ashes made into a firework

This is a great way to send your pet off in style. If they had a big impact on your life, this would be an honourable way to showcase that with giving them a memorable exit. This method incorporates your pets’ ashes into a firework, so when it is lit, your pets’ ashes will be sent to the sky to dance around with bright flashing colours and big bangs, creating a beautiful atmosphere to remember for years to come.


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