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Article: How Are Cremation Urns Buried?

How Can Urns Be Buried

How Are Cremation Urns Buried?

If you are thinking of burying a cremation urn containing your loved one’s ashes and are wondering where to begin, we have created a short guide to aid you on things to consider before the burial. There are many different types of cremation urns, some you decide to keep in your home, some you may want for outdoor use and some you can bury depending on what type of material an urn is made of. 

What types of Urns can be Buried?

It is important to consider the type of material of an urn if you wish to bury it, this is to protect the earth's natural environment, as not all materials are suitable for a land burial. You want to make sure you avoid urns which contain any synthetic glues or any other harmful unnatural properties.

Biodegradable Cremation Urns are designed to disperse and merge within the ground, making them the most appropriate choice. These eco-friendly urns can be made out of wood, bamboo, and other natural and plant-based materials.   

Another good example of an eco-friendly urn is our Geos Earth Biodegradable Urn which is made of organic vegetable extracts and fibres to naturally recycle back into soil. 

Where can I bury a Cremation Urn?

One of the most common places to bury an urn is in a Cemetery. Cremation urns can even be buried alongside or within existing family graves of those who have not been cremated. Some cemeteries, depending on their rules and regulations don’t necessarily allow land burials, as this can disturb the consistency of the ground and make it uneven.

Nevertheless, you can still bury the urn within a burial vault. A burial vault is a vessel which provides space around the cremation urn after its buried. There are some cemeteries that permit an urn to be directly buried into the ground, it all depends on a site’s policies. 

For a more traditional burial, churchyards permit burying ashes, and will aid in arranging a ceremonial funeral for your loved one, just like with a traditional burial. 

Burying a Cremation Urn at home

If you would like to keep your loved one’s ashes closer to home, you could also bury the urn in a back garden or any private property which you own. Since the property is yours, there are no regulations you have to follow as laws on burying ashes in the UK are next to none, how you choose to do this is entirely up to you.

Where else can I bury a Cremation Urn?

Because of the limited laws on burying cremation urns in the UK, you could choose any location. However, if the land you choose is on private property you will have to get permission from the owner. Good locations are woodlands, mountains and there is even the option of underwater burials in parts of the country. The Isle of Wight, Tynemouth as well as East Sussex are just a few examples.

How deep do you bury Cremation Urns? 

Cremation urns containing ashes do not need to be buried 6 feet deep like the burial of a non-cremated body. In fact, 3 feet deep depending on where you bury the urn is standard. Though it is always a good idea to check local regulations.

How much does it cost? 

The cost of burying a cremation urn is significantly less than the costs of a traditional grave. Many factors come into account when calculating the cost, for example if you choose to bury your loved one’s ashes on someone else’s private property you may have to pay, compared to burying the ashes free of cost on your own property.

Different cemeteries will offer you different prices, depending on what type of burial you choose, whether you want to bury the urn in an existing grave with kin or a newly dug grave. This could be between a few hundred to a few thousand pounds depending on what you choose. 

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