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Article: 5 Eco-friendly Wooden Urns For Ashes

5 Eco-friendly Wooden Urns For Ashes

5 Eco-friendly Wooden Urns For Ashes

In this article we will be showcasing to you 5 of our creative eco-friendly wooden urns for ashes that can be placed in your home to commemorate and honour your loved ones memory. Take a look below to find out more. 

Book Cremation Urn For Ashes

This hyper realistic and creative urn for ashes has been sculpted by our incredible international artisans. This wooden urn comes in two variations, which include Ash Wood and Walnut Wood. This incredible urn has been handcrafted to form a book, with a tremendous amount of care and attention to detail being placed into the finest of features of this urn. The very detailed carvings make this piece look realistic and the careful carvings throughout the urn give the impression of there being multiple pages inside the large hardback book cover.

This wooden urn represents wisdom and knowledge, while also having understanding. It can symbolise this due to books being used as a universal logo of learning and studying, which links to education and information you acquire to become knowledgeable and wise. It may also symbolise one’s journey through life, acting as a photo album, encapsulating your loved ones memories inside. The ashes of your loved one are placed in the ashes compartment which resides in the spine of the book, allowing your loved one’s ashes to be stored safely inside.

This wooden urn can be placed decoratively in your home, where it can be proudly displayed as a cremation urn, or you could even blend the urn into a bookcase or with other ornaments so it is inconspicuous and not in your guests eyesight, if that's what you would like.

This eco-friendly urn can also be buried as it will naturally decompose between 2-5 years and then your loved one’s ashes will be released into the Earth. This urn would be suited to a loved one who had an interest in reading and expanding their knowledge.

Eclipse Cremation Urn For Ashes 

This solar system inspired cremation urn has been beautifully handcrafted by our Italian artisans. This unique urn is designed to have an eclipse-like shape that encapsulates the middle section of the urn. It can also be interpreted as appearing similar to the structure of the planet Saturn, where the rings encompass the surrounding of the planet, giving it a unique appearance.

This piece has an artistic and modern aesthetic to it, while also having been created with the most due care and diligence. The urn itself has a pleasant base colour, sticking to its natural wood grain aesthetic, which gives the urn a warm and tasteful feel to which you can rest your loved one’s ashes. This urn has multiple colour & material options to choose from to suit yourself and your family member’s taste. The colour & material options are as listed below:

  • Swiss Pine Wood
  • Swiss Pine Wood Painted Gold
  • Swiss Pine Wood Painted Silver
  • Beech Wood
  • Beech Wood Painted Gold
  • Beech Wood Painted Silver
  • Swiss Pine Wood Painted With Real Gold

The ashes compartment can be found in the middle of the urn, which makes storing your family member’s ashes easy but also secure and safe. This urn can be elegantly placed into your home, or due to its biodegradable properties, it can also be buried into the ground, which allows the urn to naturally dissipate between 2-5 years, eventually releasing your loved one’s ashes into the Earth. This urn would be suitable for a loved one who has an interest in space and otherworldly things, as well as them possibly being eco friendly.

Bali Woven Biodegradable Urn For Ashes

This unique wooden box urn has been hand crafted from bamboo which has been sourced from farms in northern Bangladesh. The bamboo urn consists of an intricate woven exterior, while the interior consists of a gentle, yet simple cotton lining, which is ready to receive your loved one’s ashes.

To access the space in which your loved one’s ashes are to be stored, you need to open the wooden box urn at the base, when you unscrew the 4 screws that are attached to the base, you can then lift off a section of the wooden urn and then place your family member’s ashes safely inside.

Due to this urn having biodegradable properties, you can reduce your loved one’s environmental footprint, by burying the urn into the Earth & allowing it to dissipate, which will release your family member’s cremated remains into the soil of the Earth. You also have the option of placing the Woven Bamboo Tribute Urn in your home. This urn would be suitable for a loved one who was cautious about their environmental footprint or has a taste for modern design.

Grapes Cremation Urn For Ashes

This fruitful cremation urn has been delicately hand crafted by our highly skilled artisans. The hyper realistic and highly detailed cremation urn consists of a bunch of grapes, with fine attention to detail being applied to the leaf on this urn and the smooth to the touch basket in which the grapes are placed in. This wooden urn can symbolise harvest, being a reminder of the great times you have shared together with your loved one, making this a tasteful and commemorating piece to have placed within your home.

The compartment that stores your family member’s ashes can be found at the base of the basket, in which you will need to unscrew the 4 screws that are attached to reveal the chamber, by doing this process you can then lift off a section of the cremation urn, where you can place your loved one’s ashes inside.

Although our skilled artisans have designed this elegant urn to be placed within your home, due to its natural biodegradable properties, if you would like to bury this urn into some soil, it will naturally dissipate between 2-5 years and then release your loved one’s ashes into the Earth.

Photo Frame Cremation Urn For Ashes - Adult

Our beautiful Photo Frame Urn is fully customizable, which makes keeping your loved one’s ashes secure very easy, while also displaying the chosen photo option of your choice. There are 8 image variants to choose from, or you may want to choose to easily replace the imagery with an image that is more personal to you. For example, a portrait of your loved one or possibly their favourite location, the options are endless. The sturdy and robust Limewood frame is available in multiple colours, so there is an aesthetic to suit your home and style. The variants include:

  • Green & Cream
  • Gold & Silver
  • Purple
  • Gold & Cream

This wooden urn has a secure container on the back that is used to hold your loved one’s ashes securely in place, designed to be fit for purpose and unobtrusive.

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