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Article: 6 Ideas on Where to Put Your Ceramic Urns Outside

6 Ideas on Where to Put Your Ceramic Urns Outside

6 Ideas on Where to Put Your Ceramic Urns Outside

Here at Urns For Angels we have a wide range of products which are suitable for outdoor use which you can explore on our website. Our cremation urns for ashes, which can be displayed in your garden, are made out of weather-durable and environmentally-resistant materials ensuring the safety of your loved one.

Here, we have compiled a list of some ideas on where exactly in your garden you can put one of our urns, whether it be a pet urn, a keepsake urn, or an adult urn. 

  1. Amongst Other Ceramics

If you have opted for a ceramic urn or are considering a ceramic urn, placing it in your garden might be a possibility for you. 

Many garden features are made from ceramic materials such as flower pots, water features, modern art sculptures, so you don't need to be afraid of putting your ceramic urn in your garden.

We also recommend reading our how to seal your ceramic urn guide. Making sure you have done this properly is important for keeping your urn outside.

So, consider putting your ceramic urn amongst other ceramic beauties in your garden where you know it will be kept safe and your loved one will be treasured forever within a beautiful garden collection.

  1. On the Border of Your Garden

One aspect that you may have in your garden could be a border around the perimeter that is often used for planting flowers and placing garden ornaments amongst them so they are kept off the grass as not to ruin it, whilst still adding that bit of character to the garden.

If you are one of the those who does have this feature in your garden, this is a perfect spot for an urn to be placed, just make sure it is placed upon a platform instead of straight onto soil. If you leave it on there for long enough the surrounding flowers will start to grow around it and become a part of the urn, making it a lovely tribute for your loved one.

It could be a magical sentiment to your loved one to plant botanicals that they were especially fond of or cherished. 

  1. Upon a Garden Table

Another idea might be to simply place it upon your garden table. The ceramic urn can be a stand alone piece or it could be coupled with the matching keepsake urn and keepsake candle which would add an inspiring touch as you can light the candle when you spend the summer evenings in your garden.

You could even place one or a few of our keepsake candles on a table outdoors for those peaceful nights under the stars, whilst keeping the main cremation urn or other keepsakes indoors.

Putting your ceramic urn on an elevated surface also helps to make it a statement piece in the garden, attracting attention, and becoming a beautiful feature piece. In catching the eye and attention of visitors and guests in your garden, it is a lovely tribute to honour your loved one as they and yourself are reminded of the joy and beauty that they brought to your lives.

If you are ever in your home and looking out the windows, it is also more likely that you will be able to see the urn if it is on a surface like a table. You can still share those intimate moments with a lost one without going into your garden to pay a visit.

  1. On Garden Steps or Within a Porch

A porch can be a statement characteristic of a house or garden. Many people often have a variety of miscellaneous items such as gnomes and other figurines.

This is where your ceramic urn comes in, to enhance the beauty of your porch and the entrance to your home or garden. It can be a subtle fixture, out of the way and to the side, but always there to remind you of the memories you shared.

  1. A Striking Centrepiece

It really depends on what the rest of your garden looks like but you can always make bold decisions when it comes to garden landscaping and designing. Consider making your ceramic urn the centre piece of your garden.

A lot of people decide to use a statement tree for the centre of their garden, like an olive tree or a willow tree. This could be used with your urn to create a centrepiece which really catches the eye and gives a garden a sense of life and all things nature.

  1. As part of a Memorial Garden

Making a memorial garden for you loved one in your own garden is a popular choice. You can use many botanicals and rockery features, whatever you want. 

It is not a given that you will add your cremation urn to the garden, some may have the ashes of their loved one scattered across the garden, but it is completely an option. It can really serve to bring the whole tribute garden together and know that your loved one is resting within a place you have personally created with their intention and memory in mind. 

You can find more inspiring ideas for memorial gardens in our how to create a memorial garden guide.

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