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Article: 7 New Wooden Cremation Urns

7 New Wooden Cremation Urns

7 New Wooden Cremation Urns

Wooden Cremation Urns can be sculpted into many different shapes and designs with detailed carvings, making them a favoured modern choice when it comes to choosing the materials of an urn. The wood used for these 7 urns for ashes has been gathered from Oak, Walnut, Orchard, Silver fir and Alder trees, collected from the black forest of southwest Germany.

The trees which are already at the end of their lifespan are chosen for these urns, so that the lives of growing and flourishing trees are not interrupted. The wood is then cut to be transformed into these adult cremation urns fitting for your loved one. These modern wooden urns are a perfect fit for any type of home décor style and can either be a centre piece or discreet depending on its placement.

Summit Cremation Urn

The Summit Cremation Urn is specifically made from Alder, Walnut and Orchard trees, and then handcrafted by artisans in Germany. This urn has been sculpted into a cuboidal shape showing off 4 sleek faces which feel smooth to the touch, alongside 4 clear-cut edges.

The strong and stable stance of this urn ensures you that this is a secure and safe final resting place for your loved one. The natural wood grains upon the urn are a reminder of where the original wood has come from. The lid of the urn shapes into the body of a pyramid, a symbol which for centuries, has represented life after death and the beginning of a new journey.

Aspire Cremation Urn

The Aspire Cremation Urn is formed out of the wood used from Orchard and Walnut trees, the wood is then modelled into the shape of a wide based cylinder which gradually becomes narrower towards the top. Resembling the form of an archaic castle, symbolising power, safety and romance this urn has been created to be a truly worthy resting place for your angel.

The darker and lighter grain on the wood creates a depth which enhances the characteristics of nature and its materials. The lid has been carved into a rounded shape which progresses into a point corresponding to the figure of a high peak, symbolising constancy, permanence and elevation.

Root Cremation Urn

The Root Cremation Urn has been handcrafted into the structure of a simplistic cuboid with 4 equal sides featuring natural wood grain on all of its faces. Feeling smooth to the touch, this urn for ashes is available in all 5 variants of wood gathered from the black forest such as, Oak, Walnut, Orchard, Silver fir and Alder.

This cremation urn is a secure vessel to hold your beloved’s ashes due to its dependable stance that symbolises stability and durability. The lid has been fashioned into a square which sits securely and elevated on top of the urn.

Meadow Cremation Urn

The Meadow Cremation Urn has been carefully sculpted into an imperfect cuboid, featuring small ridges which feel slightly bumpy when the urn is held, emphasising the natural raw character of the material used.

This urn for ashes has been remodelled, however kept true to its original unique and distinctive traits which represent a tree trunk, a powerful symbol of new beginnings, growth and resurrection. The simplicity of this urn would favour those who enjoyed the aspects of nature and could be brought into the home as a warming staple piece alongside modern décor.

Willow Cremation Urn

The Willow Cremation Urn is also a simple but yet modern take on what we know of wooden urns, with no detailed or sculpted elaborate design it has been shaped into the reliable body of a cuboid.

With a more uniformed presentation than the urn discussed above, the shape has been carved to be more equal and mathematically correct. The wood grain however, still provides that natural presence which make wooden urns special. The distinctive lid attached to this urn, which is only visible due to a slight ridge creates a sense of security ensuring the safety of your angel’s ashes.

Sage Cremation Urn

The Sage Cremation Urn has been carved into a tall cylinder shape which present 2 rounded faces connected by a curved wooden tube. This urn for ashes has been smoothed out into its comforting body which presents a gentle softness, making it ideal to hold the precious ashes of your loved one.

The refined, sleek presentation is created through its simplicity making it a perfect fit for any home design. Available in variations of oak, orchard and walnut, wooden décor enhances other existing home materials and stand out against ceramics, metals and glass.

Dawn Cremation Urn

The Dawn Cremation Urn has been crafted by German artisans and shaped into a favoured and completely rounded cylinder shape with soft curves and edges, removing harsh corners. The wood used from Walnut, silver fir, alder and orchard trees bring a much-desired natural look to your home.

Inspired by its name ‘Dawn’ which symbolises hope, chance for happiness and improvement, this wooden adult urn adds a warmth and delivers love into the home, making this a worthy vessel for your dearly departed.

Wooden urns and their unique designs add a natural touch to your home as it consists of a material which is created by nature itself, no matter how much it is manipulated through sculpting and carvings, its grains represent its original form.

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