Candlelight cremation urns - In times of remembrance

In times of remembrance, lighting a candle for your beloved can bring peace and serenity to the mind, and is often seen as a beautiful way to commemorate the life of your loved one. 

Candlelight urns are available in a manner of shapes and sizes, from smaller keepsake urns to full size adult urns, and in a range of elaborate designs.

With such a variety of designs, we would like to present to you our handpicked list of beautiful candle urns to aid you in your search for the perfect urn.

All of the urns shown below can be found in our Candle Light urns collection, which we recommend taking a look at if the concept of a candle urn interests you.

1) Eternity Cremation Urn

Our first choice for the list, the Eternity cremation urn combines symbolism of the eternity symbol with a smooth surface and a variety of colours and finishes. The candle is placed in a groove located in the centre of the urn.

While ceramic urns can often be seen as a more antiquated material, its sleek design meshes perfectly with modern and classic décor alike. The Eternity Cremation urn is smooth and soft to the touch, and is perfectly suited to be placed outside. 

When placing the Eternity Cremation Urn outside, the ceramic material is perfectly suited for placing in the open as long as it is on a stand to make sure the glued base does not make contact with excess water.

The Eternity design also has a matching keepsake urn, though this particular keepsake doesn't have a candle holder.

Infinity Matching Set Outside

2) Photo Candle Cremation Urn

This beautiful Metal urn is a pristine example of the multi-purpose nature of modern urns, holding both your dearly departed's ashes on one side, displaying a photo of your choice in its centre, and a slot for a candle on the other side.

This steel urn is perfect for a compact memorial dedicated to your beloved. Being rather nonchalant in nature, its urn functionality is impossible to discern based on looks alone.


Image of the metal Photo Candle Urn

3) Passage Cremation Urn

The passage cremation urn is our second ceramic entry for this list, with a beautiful curved design, it is a wonderful tealight urn, holding a candle in the central passageway within the urn. 

This urn's gentle spiral curves are gentle on the eyes, and create a soft spoken aesthetic within your home on a mantelpiece.

The Passage's matching keepsake urn can be seen alongside it, though it doesn't have a dedicated place for a candle.

Lifestyle image of the Passage cremation urn

4) Flamma Cremation Urn

This particular candle urn is our eco-friendly addition to the collection. With a simple, unobtrusive design and a candle atop the glass urn, it is the ideal choice for an environmentally conscious resting place. 

It matches a modern, primarily glass based home décor, and when the candle is lit, it envelops the room in a soft warmth.image of the Flamma recycled glass cremation urn

5) Hexagon Candle Miniature Keepsake

This miniature keepsake urn is beautiful in its simplicity. A soft-spoken and contemporary design makes the candle urn ideal for home decor or the garden. Premium metals are used in the making of this piece; chromium and nickel alloys make stainless steel highly resistant to rusting and other environmental factors. The steel is naturally cool to the touch, when the candle is lit it will gently warm up. 

When families want to share loved ones ashes with other family members, this candle keepsake would be a good choice, allowing each family member to light a candle in memory of their loved one.

Outside image of the Hexagon candle miniature keepsake

We hope this article helped you find the ideal candle urn, and shed some light on the range of unique options for your loved one's final resting place.

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