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Article: Different Types of Wooden Urns for Ashes

Different Types of Wooden Urns for Ashes

Different Types of Wooden Urns for Ashes

Selecting the ideal urn is important. Browsing through our vast collection and range of materials you may have taken a keen interest in one of our wooden urns. If you choose a wooden urn as the way to commemorate your loved ones life, you may have questions regarding the different types of woods available, and their individual properties. This guide will inform you on the differences between each variety of wood and assist you in choosing an urn. 

What Different Types of Wood Do Urns Use?

Wood is unique, each variation used in our wooden urns have their own distinctive characteristics that are expertly designed with individual designs and finishes. There is a wide range of wood types that can be used to store your angel's cremation ashes, with 11 remarkable kinds of wood being used within our urns at Urns For Angels.

Oak Wood

Oakwood is a strong, dense wood found commonly within Europe and North America. It has a smooth finish and gorgeous shine, it has a beautiful natural colour, varying in shade from branch to branch. Being a hardwood, it has a high price due to its growth time and high quality; averaging around 150 years to fully grow. Oakwood urns are long-lasting, which is ideal for those who wish to commemorate their loved one's memory for years to come. 

Our oak urns are beautifully hand-crafted to intertwine with your home décor, such as our Flight Cremation Urn (pictured below). The dove pictured on this urn symbolises a message of love and peace, embodying the urn. This urn can be placed elegantly on a mantelpiece, reminding you of your dearly departed. 

These small urns come in both oak wood as well as walnut, giving the urn variety and creating options to appeal to any mood within a home. These urns come with a variety of patterns, giving you choice in the artwork that memorialises your loved one.

Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is a long-lasting, durable wood cultivated mainly within the U.S and China. This material is vastly heavier than other types of wood, as little shrinkage occurs within the fibres of the wood, bounding moisture within the material and making it much denser. Walnut wood is known as a specialist hardwood; highly sought after, it is one of the more expensive hardwoods because of its rarity.

Fine-grained urns, such as the White Rose Urn (pictured below) are creative and vibrant, as the bright rose pictured within the urn represents love and loyalty, making this urn perfect to commemorate your bond. This urn radiates compassion from your mantelpiece, and will become a striking focal point within your home.

Here is a video that showcases our designer wooden urns for ashes:

Spruce Wood

Spruce wood is a thin, low weight wood, being a very common tree found all over the globe. Spruce trees are mainly found within forest areas, taking up 30% of the overall world's tree density within woodlands. Spruce is a readily available softwood, being an affordable material to use within an urn. Softwood is a frequently used material as it has a short growth time, the longest time taken for a softwood tree to grow is 40 years, making it less dense than other woods but more efficient to use.

With a stunning, seamless finish our spruce urns such as the Eternity Cremation Urn can be used to reminisce the memory of your loved one. The warm colours used in this urn heighten emotion and convey optimism, bringing out the inner peace within you, and creates an unparalleled atmosphere for your dearly departed. 

Swiss Pine Wood

Swiss pine wood is a pure, light-coloured wood mainly found in the Swiss Alps. These trees are very recognisable due to their immense height, standing at 25 metres tall. This wood uses a knotty pine, giving the urn an intricate decorative pattern. Swiss Pine is a very valuable material, these trees grow high in the mountains and can only be found in three natural areas, making this wood highly sought after.  

With its soft feel and beautiful design, our swiss pine urns such as the Hope Cremation Urn is handcrafted using this natural material, structured to fit seamlessly into your home. This curvy urn is thought-provoking and has been sculpted to add a natural enhancement to your home with its simplistic beauty.

Cherry Wood

Resistant to rot and decay, Cherry Wood is a very flexible wood found within Northern America. Its rich colour and smooth-grained finish make it renowned among woodworkers. This material is popular mainly due to its aging process, keeping its vibrant colour for years to come. Harvested from an American black cherry tree, this wood can be gathered after around 10 years of age, making this type of softwood frequently used and affordable.  

Ash Wood

The third most common tree found in Britain, ash wood is a strong, durable material that is frequently used for furniture and frames, making the wood a reliable choice for cremation urns. 

Our Diamond Cremation Urn has been sculpted to appear as an uncut diamond. Uncut diamonds are pure and raw, strong and resilient, representing your love for your angel. This could be a great addition to your household as it is thought-provoking and powerful.

Beech Wood

Most notably found in Europe, Asia and North America, beechwood is a very common material that has high-quality strength properties. Beech is flexible, allowing for unique, artistic ways to create personal urns for your angel. This material is readily available throughout the northern hemisphere, making it very affordable in comparison to other hardwood urns. 

Our Shift Cremation Urn becomes a great talking point in your home, while remaining fit for purpose. It has been sculpted to slightly bring together different pieces of the wood to create a shifting effect. This intricate design represents the ambiguous nature of life.

Lime Wood

With its pale-yellow colour, limewood is soft yet dense. The fine texture makes it perfect for sculpting and is highly prized due to its excellent carving properties. Native to Europe and Northern Asia, the wood has an even texture that rarely warps, keeping the structure of the wood secure when sculpted into urns. Despite being an expensive hardwood, this material is extremely easy to carve with its even texture and straight grain, allowing the creation of stylish urns that can brighten up any household. 

This Rose Flower Cremation Urn from our wood collection has been carefully handcrafted to resemble rose petals. The curl of the rose petals and the soft touch of the wood gives it a natural feel. This rose ties in perfectly to modern literature, the rose poetically embraces love and grace. This urn is a heart-warming tribute to your everlasting bond.

Maple Wood

Being fine-textured, maple wood is a strong heavy wood found throughout the northern hemisphere. This wood is synonymous with the maple leaf, which is connected with Canada through their national flag. This wood has a light red shade that is symbolic of life, being a perfect material for your loved one's urn to commemorate them. Maple wood has a moderate price that is comparable to other hardwoods, but it's high quality and has durability.

Our Pyramid Cremation urn. This urn resembles a pyramid, ancient everlasting tombs for Pharaohs. The pyramid resembles strength and security. This could be a good urn to hold the ashes of a loved one that inspired strength. The design is bold and beautiful, it makes for a beautiful addition to your mantelpiece.

Mahogany Wood

Found most commonly within Central and South America, Mahogany wood is known for its refined deep colour and straight grain. Mahogany is an exceptional hardwood that is highly durable and has a very distinguished shine when polished. This material has been genetically improved over time and is valuable, being desired amongst others because of its high quality; making mahogany urns rare.

Our mahogany urn, such as the Simply Cremation Urn has been beautifully handcrafted into a cuboid-like shape to symbolise stability with its strong, secure structure. This urn has been directly named to represent the simpler times, allowing your angel to rest carefree, safely within this hardwood urn. This urn's geometric design and wooden texture intertwine with all home décor and becomes picturesque when placed upon any mantlepiece.

Bamboo Wood

Originating from Southern Asia, Bamboo is a unique type of wood that is tough yet lightweight. Bamboo is classified as a hardwood, although it is technically a grass due to how it is grown. A strand of the woven bamboo can be up to three times denser than other hardwood, creating a strong exterior and ideal for wooden urns for ashes. Being biodegradable, this wood is also eco-friendly and can be used as a more natural way to release the ashes of your loved one.

The Eco Water Biodegradable Urn offers an alternate way to celebrate the life of your angel, water burial. This particular urn has two separate components; the cylindrical bamboo casing, and the urn itself. The urn itself is placed into the water and softly disperses your beloved's ashes throughout the water. The bamboo casing can be held as a memento of the ceremony or buried on land, allowing it to biodegrade over time. 


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