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Article: Examples of Handmade Urns

Examples of Handmade Urns

Examples of Handmade Urns

We understand the importance of a completely unique piece which in turn expresses the completely unique nature of your loved ones personality. We have a wide variety of handmade cremation urns available, each of which are completely unique due to the hand crafting process. 

Artistically Glazed Urns

Each of our Crystalline glazed urns are handcrafted in Poland. These handmade ceramic urns are each crafted using a potter's wheel from ceramic clay. They are then glazed with a reactive effect glaze, called a crystalline glaze. This glaze gives the urns their distinctive characteristic appearance. 

The glaze is added during the final stage of the firing process and develops while in the kiln. The kiln fires each individual piece at 1280°C then slowly cools to a temperature around 1150°C. At which point the liquid matrix which has been formed while the glaze has been molten also cools. This forms beautifully delicate crystalline structures which are unique to each individual handmade urn. The chemical composition which creates such stunning structures includes Zinc Oxide in addition to Silica resulting in the chemical compound Zinc Silicate. Aside from composition the temperature of the kiln can affect the size, shape and density of these crystalline structures. Therefore each artisan is required to take a lot of care over the entire process. 

Some of our favourite crystalline glazed urns include our Jadeite and Emerald Urns, which are beautiful green hues. Although we also provide a variety of colours, such as our pearlescent, iridescent white Beryl Urn (pictured below). Or our vivid, electric blue Sapphire Urn. Which, should you require a handmade pet urn for your beloved animal, is available as our Sapphire Pet Urn for AshesBeryl Adult Cremation Urns for Ashes

Our range of artistically glazed handmade urns is not limited to crystalline glazes. Other reactive glazes include textural surfaces such as our Golden Cylinder Urn which is created in the kiln using a similar process. Glaze effects can also be created before the piece is fired. For example our Pink Sky Modern Urn (pictured below) which has been crafted using a straw to create a bubble effect. Pink Sky Adult Cremation Urns for Ashes

Carved Wooden Urns

Carved wooden urns create an elegant and statement piece in the home. The natural material looks beautiful paired with any wooden fixtures you may have in the home or alternatively can be displayed in your conservatory complementing your garden. These wooden urns can also be used as biodegradable burial urns after being kept in the home, a great alternative should you wish to keep your loved one close before saying a final goodbye. Much like our artistically glazed cremation urns our wooden cremation urns are completely unique from piece to piece due to their handcrafted nature. 

A variation of traditional techniques are used to create these beautiful pieces. We ensure our wooden urns are sourced from sustainable sources. Such as our Meadow Cremation Urn which has been carved to create a rustic, natural feel. And our Spriggan Cremation Urn (pictured below), a beautiful piece sourced from the Black Forest in the southwest of Germany. These urns provide beautiful subdued memorial pieces creating a peaceful place of memorial within the home. Spriggan Adult Cremation Urns for Ashes

We also have a gorgeous variety of urns which have been carefully handcrafted by professional, artisanal joiners. Each of these pieces are hand crafted and create bold remembrance pieces. We have natural wood finishes such as our Rose Urn which is available in a range of woods from Swiss Pine Wood to Walnut Wood. There is also the opportunity to add a painted finish to this piece, our favourite being the real gold leaf and red finish. Themed options such as our Apple and Football can help reflect your loved one's unique personality. Rose Cremation Urns for Ashes

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