Gifts to Comfort a Grieving Friend or Family Member

Some gestures and gifts from family and friends can really help to comfort you at a time you may feel a deep sense of loneliness. Besides sending flowers, here are some meaningful gifts for someone grieving a loss. 

Self fill Ashes Jewellery Gifts

Connection can be created between family and friends via ashes jewellery. For example a group of close friends may choose to purchase the same bracelets or necklaces to hold ashes in, perhaps a different colour for each friend or family member of our Steel Leather Ashes Charm BraceletsSteel Self Fill Ashes Bracelets CollectionOur Steel Gemstone Self-fill Ashes Pendant is available in 14 different gemstones to choose from all of which have different meanings. For example below is our Amethyst pendant, This purple gemstone is known to be protective and spiritual. Providing insight, it promotes thinking and inner intuition. This crystal has a range of shades from deep dark purple, to a lighter purple, almost pink hue. This necklace for ashes sparks warm energy and positivity. This gemstone would compliment clothing colours such as green, yellow or grey. Self-fill Ashes Necklace Pendant

Small Urn Gifts

We offer a wide range of small urns, you can view our full collection here. Below we will be giving some heartfelt ideas for gifting a mini urn to a grieving friend or family member. 

For example below is Our Caleo Candle Range. This candle is not able to store ashes, its function is to be lit in times of remembrance and contemplation. Some families light this candle in honour of their dearly departed when the rest of the family comes to visit. The memorial candle is available in 8 colours, matching those of the ceramic urns and small urns. Caleo Keepsake Urns Another beautiful gift for a grieving family member or friend could be our Infinity Small Urn. This piece was created with the idea of eternal remembrance in mind. The infinity symbol flows seamlessly across the face of the ceramic urn, symbolising the everlasting memories from which you've shared with your loved one. This small urn has is able to hold a small portion of your loved ones ashes and is also available in 12 different colours. Below is our Infinity Small Urn alongside our Caleo CandleInfinity and Caleo Keepsake Urns in RedOur Lantern Candle Small Urn would make a beautiful gift for a grieving friend or family member. This piece has a rectangular shape, symbolising stability and structural strength, ensuring the safety of your loved one. The base of the piece is matte black, with the upper portion of the urn in cream, making this an eye-catching piece, due to the bold contrast of colours, suitable for any contemporary home. Below is our Lantern Candle Small Urn along side our Teardrop Sphere Small Urn.Lantern Candle Ashes Keepsake Urn