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Article: What to do with your urn after you spread the ashes of your loved one?

What do you do with the urn after spreading ashes

What to do with your urn after you spread the ashes of your loved one?

After yourself and your family have experienced the emotional toll of the spreading of the ashes ceremony you may find you have time to wonder regarding the urn. In particular you may question what to do with the vessel now its practical purpose has been served. Despite this, no doubt the piece will still hold an overwhelming amount of sentimental value. 

There are two main pathways when deciding what to do with your cremation urn, both these pathways are greatly led by emotion and how you might feel after the spreading of the ashes. Firstly, you could choose to keep the urn feeling comforted with the consistent visual presence of the piece. Or secondly, you might feel more comfortable without the urn. At a certain point, it might feel like the right time to let the urn go. 

Keeping Your Urn Close 

Here are small suggestions which allow you to keep your urn close within the home or garden. For the following suggestions it can be apt to keep the urn as a family heirloom. This is a great fit for more expensive pieces such as our Lotus Urn. However, any urn can be kept as an heirloom. Lotus Cremation Urns for Ashes

Beforehand however you might prefer to keep the urn in the home. Many of our urns can be reused as vases, such as our Blossom Lotus Cremation Urn or our Bentonite Adult Urn for Ashes. Maybe you prefer to keep your urn as part of a memorial garden  using it as a planter. You are able to do this safely as our crystalline effect glaze urns have been especially treated to ensure they are weather resistant. Some beautiful examples include our Carnelian Urn for Ashes and our Emerald Urn for AshesBlossom Lotus Cremation Urns for Ashes

Preferring to Let the Urn Go

For many people, not having the urn as a constant reminder is an important part of the grieving process. Here are some heartfelt ways you are able to confront such a difficult task.  

Burying the urn is a great way to say goodbye to such an important piece. This can be done in your garden so your loved one is still kept close to home or alternatively perhaps close to the scattering ceremony site. Whichever you prefer we have a range of biodegradable urns which ensure the environment is also cared for during this process. These include a Aspire Urn for Ashes in addition to our Love Heart Shaped Biodegradable Urn for ashesAspire Cremation Urns for Ashes

Another heartfelt sentiment which you may feel mirrors the giving nature of your loved one would be to donate the urn. Surprisingly, urns can be reused and there are many options when regifting such pieces. Why not talk to your local funeral director who will be able to sign post you to the right organisation for yourself. Such as Free Urns for Veterans.

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