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Article: Memorial Ideas for Your Beloved Pet

Memorial Ideas for Your Beloved Pet

Memorial Ideas for Your Beloved Pet

Favourite Pet Urns 

We have a variety of beautiful pet urns which create loving memorials to your favourite companion. These urns can be used in aid of a heartfelt memorial ceremony in commemoration of your pets life. We understand every kind of pet is equally loved therefore this blog aims to provide a range of ideas for a variety of animals. 

Their Favourite Spot 

Cats often favour a particular place, whether by the windowsill or near the flowerbed. It goes without saying that our feline family members enjoy a bask in the bright sunshine. Both our Lying Cat and Sitting Cat urns allow you to express their unique personality. These urns can be kept indoors or outdoors as they are resistant to atmospheric influences. Both pieces are available in a variety of colours from white and cream to black, allowing you to express both your cats personality and likeness. Cat Cremation Urns for Ashes

A Man’s Best Friend 

Much like our cat urns we also have a range of stunning dog urns which are designed to express your dog’s individual personality. Our Portrait Dog Urn is a charming expression of your dog’s mischievous side as it depicts an adorable snout popping through blankets. We also have a variety of similar frame urns available that depict different breeds with their heads held high. These include  Female Yorkie, Male Yorkie, Frenchie and Labrador. Each of these picture frame urns will complement any displayed photos you have of your beloved animal and blend in seamlessly with your home décor. 

However should your dog be a different breed there is also our beautiful Paw Print Cremation Urn. This is a statement piece and would create an eye-catching memorial for a pet. This piece comes in a variety of different colours including neutrals such as black, white, cream, sand and brown. However we also provide a range of glaze options alongside some brighter hues. These include a crackle glaze, gloss or matte glaze finish in addition to beautiful vivid green and bright yellow colours. Ensuring there is a unique pet memorial to suit you and your dog. Paw Print Cremation Urns for Ashes

Every Animal 

Whether small or large we can provide you with a loving tribute to your animal no matter the size. We understand children in particular can find the loss of the pet difficult to comprehend.

For animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs or even small birds like canaries our completely unique crystalline glazed pet urns make for a slightly larger option. Some beautiful ideas for such pet memorials include our Fuchsite Pet Urn in addition to our Indigo Pet Urn. These urns can be kept indoors or outdoors and have been professionally glazed ensuring they are suitable for all weather conditions. These completely unique urns would look gorgeous in any flower bed. This variety of urn also includes the similarly glazed Motion Small Urn, which due to its intricate and artistically shaped handle which resembles a fish or wave would make a fitting resting place for any larger or outdoor koi fish. Fuchsite Cremation Urns for Ashes

You may wish to carry on the age-old tradition of finding a final, familiar resting place for your beloved pet at the end of the garden. Should this be the case our Dome Biodegradable Urn or our Bamboo Biodegradable Pet Urn are brilliant eco friendly options. Bamboo Pet Urn - Living Tree Urn

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