What are Saggar Cremation Urns?

After the loss of a loved one, you may find it a struggle to find the perfect cremation urn for your cherished family member that fits them and their personality well, so it is only fair that you may be researching the different types of urns available to you. In this article we will inform you of Saggar cremation urns and why someone may choose this urn.

Saggar is a container which is used during the firing process when making cremation urns, to enclose and protect ware being fired inside a kiln. The Saggar is usually made from fireclay. There is history of the Saggar being used worldwide from the likes of China and Japan to the United Kingdom. 

Originally the Saggar was used to protect the finish of the urn from debris that is left floating around in the kiln from the wood or coal. Roughly 200 years ago was when artists began to reverse this process and actually use Saggars to hold organic materials close to the urn to dramatically change the finish. 

Unglazed urns are wrapped in organic materials and sometimes use ferric chloride to create such stunning masterpieces. Fumes can be trapped in aluminium foil Saggar or the choice of material that is chosen, which creates and captures marvellous shapes and colours on the surface of the urn. 

The reasons someone may decide to have a Saggar cremation urn may be due to these reasons:

  • The ancient tradition behind this method links to their history and family tree.
  • They have an interest in art and unique creations.
  • They would like an urn that is volatile in that it doesn't look like a stereotypical cremation urn, but looks like a one of a kind, eye-catching art piece to match any home décor.
  • Their loved one may have been an artist 

Firing Kiln

We hope that this article has inspired you to think about the ancient Saggar firing technique used to create Saggar cremation urns and the beauty they with-hold. 

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