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Ocean Blue Modern Adult Cremation Urn for Ashes

Sale price£289.00 GBP
SKU: CUC 016

Presenting our Ocean Blue Modern Cremation Urn, a graceful tribute meticulously sculpted into a spherical shape. The serene blue hue envelops the entirety of the urn, gradually transitioning to a sandy colour near the base and opening. This harmonious blend evokes a sense of tranquility and beauty, reminiscent of a serene beachscape.

Designed to endure the elements, this urn can be placed outdoors, becoming a meaningful tribute in your garden or on your porch. The carefully chosen colours combine to create a landscape that mirrors the peaceful shores of the sea. Throughout history, the sea has symbolised various sentiments, including peace, hope, and the beginning of new journeys. As such, this adult urn provides a thoughtful resting place for your loved one, embodying the profound symbolism of the ocean.

The Ocean Blue Modern urn for ashes undergoes a hand-glazing process, ensuring that each piece is a unique work of art. While every urn shares similarities, the individuality of each one makes it a truly special tribute crafted exclusively for your loved one. Its rounded shape and smooth exterior make it a comforting keepsake to hold during moments of contemplation.

The lid of this urn fits neatly within the neck of the piece, and for your convenience, we include a small tube of ceramic adhesive glue. This adhesive allows you to securely seal the urn if you choose to do so, ensuring a lasting and meaningful memorial for your cherished one.

  • Height (cm): 24
  • Width (cm): 19.5
  • Depth (cm): 19.5
  • Approx Weight (kg):  2.5
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Colour: Blue
  • Approx Capacity: 3.8 (ltr) / 231 (cu in)
  • Suitable for ashes of body weight up to approx: 104 (kg) / 231 (lbs)
  • Suitable for: Adult
  • Indoor or Outdoor use: Both
  • Delivery: 1 - 2 weeks (Made to order)
    Ocean Blue Modern Creation Urn for Ashes Being Held
    Ocean Blue Modern Adult Cremation Urn for Ashes Sale price£289.00 GBP