10 creative places to put your urn in the home

If you're struggling to find some inspiration of where to put your Urn for ashes, this article is the perfect place for finding interesting ideas. We have put together a list of 10 unique locations around the house to give you some ideas.

The Cremation urns we offer are decorative in form and used to stimulate the environment they are placed in, while providing a beautiful tribute to your dearly departed. Take a look below to find out more.

1) Exposed to natural light

the passage cremation urn

Pictured above is our Passage Cremation Urn in oily green.

In this designated area of your home, your loved one's urn will be fully exposed to natural light. This will give a nonchalant presence and radiate warmth throughout your home. We offer a wide array of beautiful decorative urns that can truly make use of the warm daylight.

2) Away from natural light

Eternity Cremation Urn And Keepsake Ceramic

Pictured above is our Eternity Cremation urn along side its matching keepsake cremation urn.  By placing this type of urn in a dim light setting, the candles create a beautiful ambience. It has a modern design that can fit into any home interior, matching with its keepsake urn makes it a stunning set for your home. 

3) On your coffee table

The Passage Keepsake Cremation UrnPictured above is our Passage Urn Keepsake. This keepsake cremation urn has been placed on a glass table with candles to signify remembrance and peace for your loved one with the glass signifying reflection. With the size being a lot smaller than the full sized urn, keepsake urns are petite enough to place anywhere you would like as they fit in well with any setting. 

4) In a themed display by a window

Abstract Cremation Urn Ceramic

This is our Pinnacle cremation urn reflecting against a windowpane, it greatly compliments other ornaments that are next to it with similar geometric shaping. It has an opaque design to it, which creates a shadow when placed next to a light source. It makes a great focal point to your windowpane. 

5) With a vase of your loved one's favourite flowers 

Guardian Cremation Urn and Keepsake CeramicPictured above is our matching set of the Guardian Cremation urn and its keepsake urn. It has been placed on the floor with other larger ornaments and flowers. By placing a vase of your loved one's favourite flowers near the urn for ashes, you could create a shrine area to go to in times of remembrance. It radiates blissful energy and harmony throughout your home.

6) With a mixture of modern & classic décor 


Ripples Cremation Urn And Keepsake Urn Ceramic
Pictured above is our matching Ripples Cremation urn set with its keepsake urn. The urn has been placed next to a clock and books to stimulate the thoughts of time. With the clock being of a modern design and the classical trinket box behind the urns being a classical design, you can see how the urns provide a seamless transition from décor to modern and creates a cohesion. This radiates a classic and composed aesthetic.


7) On a counter 

Stone Cremation Urn And Keepsake CeramicPictured above is the Stone Cremation urn and its matching keepsake. It is more of a discreet way of displaying your urn as it doesn't completely stand out. Glossy urns like this one have a natural glaze, combined with being on a glossy surface, it looks sleek and appealing. It has been placed on a reflective counter to symbolize the reflections and thoughts you have of your loved one, with the smaller stone balancing on top of the larger stone, it shows strength and balance.

8) Next to a meaningful memorabilia

Angel Wings Cremation Urn And Keepsake Urn CeramicPictured below is our matching Angel Wings Cremation urn and its keepsake urn. In this particular case, the urn has been placed next to a rose ornament. You could place your urn for ashes next to an object that compliments your loved one and a passion that they had.

For example, instead of a rose, you could pick a small ornament that reflects their favourite sport, such as a golf ball. For the musically inclined, a treble clef accessory would be a beautiful addition.  

9) On a mantelpiece

The Holy Mother And The Christ Cremation Urns And Keepsake UrnsPictured above are our Christ and holy mother cremation urns and their respective keepsake urns. This is a boisterous and devout way to remember your loved one. It stands out as a focal point in your home. It is placed in full view in the main room on a mantelpiece to capture everyone's eyes.

10) alongside the matching keepsake

The Light Cremation Urn And Keepsake UrnPictured above is our light cremation and its keepsake urn. Regardless of where you put your urn, putting it together with the keepsake will create a natural sense of cohesion in your décor. The candles gives a warmth to the surrounding area, which stands out magnificently in your home.

We hope that this article has enlightened you more of the possibilities that there are when deciding where to place your loved one's ashes and cremation urns within your home. 

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