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Article: How Much Does it Cost to Get a Dog Cremated?

How much does it cost to get a dog cremated?

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Dog Cremated?

Over the recent years, the decision to get your pet dog cremated when they pass has become an increasingly popular one. Along with all of our other pets, dogs have become to be recognised as a valued member of the family and so they deserve to have an appropriate send off. 

You can read more about why exactly this shift has occurred over the years in our blog The Rise in Popularity of Pet Cremations

How much does it cost to cremate my dog?

The cost of cremation for a dog depends largely on their size. Some crematoriums will have various weight ranges such as 40 - 60kg which will then be priced accordingly. Other crematoriums may simple have 'large dog' or 'small dog' categories which some example breeds. 

The Kennel Club Breed Standards can give you and idea of which category your dog falls into if you don't know the weight of your dog. For example, a Jack Russell Terrier weighs up to 10kg. 

On average across the UK, the average price for dog cremation starts at £120 and can go up to £200 for an extra large dog such as a Saint Bernard. 

These prices may vary differently depending on the area in the UK. For example with human cremation, one of the most expensive places was reportedly Milton Keynes and the cheapest being Northern Ireland.

What is a communal service?

A communal service is much cheaper than an individual cremation as several animals are cremated together at the same time. The ashes are then usually scattered in a memorial garden. You may request to keep some of the ashes but there is no guarantee that you are getting your pet's ashes back. The cost of a communal cremation for a dog are usually between £50 and £80. 

What additional services are there?

Usually with a pet cremation you are not allowed to be present when the cremation is taking place however some crematories may have the option for an 'Attended Pet Cremation Service' at an additional cost.  

Can I get a pet urn for my dog?

Many crematories will have a few options available when it comes to choosing a containing for your dog's ashes. The base rate of the cremation may include a simple wooden box or scattering tube. 

Alternatively, you can acquire your own pet urn for your dog. There are endless amounts of skilled artisans out there with unique design ideas for the perfect pet urn for your pet's ashes. 

For example, we have an array of different styles of pet urns available all made from the highest quality materials.  

What about Memorial Jewellery?

Maybe keeping the ashes isn't for you so having a piece of memorial jewellery to remember your dog and honour their lives is a more fitting tribute. You could use a small portion of their ashes for a piece of self-fill ashes jewellery.

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