What Type of Urn is best for Burial?

What Urn is best for a Burial?

From person to person the type of urn you choose for your loved one's burial will be dependent on a number of differing factors. When making this difficult decision there are two main elements to consider. What would your loved one want? For example, is a garden or immediate location available for the burial or would this mean purchasing an urn which can be kept in the home and buried at a later date. The second point to consider would be what capacity you require in relation to your loved ones size?

In order to manage the enormity of this task during such an emotionally difficult time, a helpful suggestion is to compose two separate lists adhering to these two questions. At this point it is a good idea to also consider any wishes your loved one has proposed for their own burial. Perhaps the funeral director has been informed or a family member or friend has been told. In order to aid you in this we have composed a short guide below of urns which will suit different personal circumstances and preferences. 

Land Burial Urns 

Perhaps your loved one was a nature enthusiast, it is important to consider this morality within their burial plans. Some people like to spend more time with their dearly beloved before saying goodbye prior to a burial, which is completely understandable. Should this be the case our Bamboo Biodegradable Urn is a great solution as it is durable enough to be displayed in the home for a number of years before you put your loved one to rest.

However, if you do have a planned place in mind our Biodegradable Tree Urn creates a beautiful memorial which is symbolic of your loved one returning to nature. Bamboo Tree Urn

Water Burial Urns 

Water burials are often ceremonial due to the gentle yet ritualistic feeling of the occasion. To help with this decision we have listed some of our water urns below that could make a beautiful memorial for your loved one.

Our Journey Biodegradable Water Urn has a simple yet modest design. Ideal for a modest and peaceful burial as you will be able to watch the urn gently float away. Journey Biodegradable Urns for Ashes

Similarly our Turtle Biodegradable Water Urn is a gorgeous choice for any loved one with an appreciation for sea life. This urn adds another element to the ceremony however is still a modest choice due to its appearance as a elegant turtle. Turtle Biodegradable Urns for Ashes

Additionally, our Oceane Sand Urn is a lovely choice for a beach sea burial due to its sand exterior which has been layered over natural clays. This urn works differently to our other urns and rather than floating will gently sink to the sea bed. Should you prefer a traditionally shaped water urn then our Himalayan Rock Salt Urn provides this. Himalayan Salt Urn