Classic Shaped Biodegradable Urn for Ashes

SKU: BUP 005

Color: Floral White

The Classic Biodegradable Urn for Ashes has been entirely made using cornstarch. When in your home the cornstarch exterior is naturally firm, meaning that this urn can be used for permanent storage. It can be also be buried in the ground for where it will naturally start to decompose over time.

The urn comes in four different variations with a capacity of 5.5 litres meaning that it can hold the ashes of a large adult, or even multiple pets.

The urn has a special snap lock which can allow you to permanently seal it. It can be taken on most commercial airlines and comes with a smart carrying case. This urn comes with a Biodegradable Ashes Bag suitable for land burial. This urn is tightly sealed with a secure threaded lid.

  • Height (cm): 26
  • Width (cm): 18
  • Material: Cornstarch
  • Colour: Orange, Floral Green, Floral Light Green and Floral White
  • Approx Capacity: 3.9 (ltr) / 238 (cu in)
  • Suitable for ashes of body weight up to 108 (kg) / 238 (lbs)
  • Suitable for:  Adult / Child / Pet
  • Indoor or Outdoor use: Both
  • Free Next Day Delivery: When ordered before 12pm

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